Joni Mitchell and Brandi Carlile to Release ‘Joni Jam’ From Newport Folk Festival as Live Album |

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The FOMO of having missed Joni Mitchell’s quality astatine nan Newport Folk Festival past summertime nary longer needs to beryllium truthful strong. Most of that comeback set, which arsenic augmented by an all-star cast, is being released arsenic a unrecorded medium successful July, “At Newport,” produced by Mitchell and Brandi Carlile.

The medium will beryllium released by Rhino connected July 28, 4 days aft nan one-year day of nan astonishment show astatine nan Rhode Island Festival. The impermanent stars who shared lead vocals and instrumentals pinch Carlile during nan “Joni Jam” will each beryllium represented — including Carlile, Marcus Mumford, Dawes’ Taylor Goldsmith, Lucius, Celisse and Wynonna Judd. Other players included Phil and Tim Hanseroth, Allison Russell and Blake Mills.

Mitchell bestie Cameron Crowe is penning nan notes, arsenic he has for Mitchell’s caller collections of unreleased worldly connected Rhino.

A single, nan Newport type of “Both Sides Now,” is being released coming to each awesome DSPs for streaming. The precocious July merchandise of nan afloat postulation will beryllium disposable digitally, connected CD, connected two-LP achromatic vinyl and (as a Barnes & Noble exclusive) clear vinyl.

Joni Mitchell medium screen (Rhino)

The show past July — her first important 1 successful nationalist since 2013 — came arsenic a partial, if not total, astonishment moreover to diehard Mitchell fans. It was nary concealed that she had been regularly participating successful “Joni jams” astatine her cardinal California location successful nan past mates of years, but her devotees mightiness person go resigned to nan thought that she would only singing an isolated statement present aliases location successful nationalist — arsenic she had a fewer months earlier astatine a starry MusiCares use successful Las Vegas. At Newport, Mitchell not only sang what were described arsenic robust lead vocals, but picked up an electrical guitar pinch a solo instrumental, “Just Like This Train.” It was a happy result aft a 2015 encephalon aneurysm had rendered prospects for early performances unlikely.

Joni Mitchell astatine nan Newport Folk Festival (Photo: Nina Vestervelt)

The unrecorded medium includes 13 performances, retired of 15 that took spot past July 24. The only omissions are 2 covers of oldies that person been favorites of Mitchell’s complete nan years, “Why Do Fools Fall successful Love” and “Love Potion No. 9”; a 3rd cover, of George Gershwin’s “Summertime,” has been wide viewed successful video shape and is included successful nan medium way list. The different twelve songs that populate nan setlist are Mitchell classics. Although individual artists who performed pinch her are not identified successful nan way listings, setlists from nan Newport day statement nan superior impermanent singers connected immoderate of nan selections — for illustration Mumford being featured connected “A Case of You,” Goldsmith arsenic superior vocalist connected “Come successful From nan Cold” and “Amelia,” and Carlile, nan jam’s organizer, being astatine nan forefront for “Carey” and “Big Yellow Taxi.”

Fans whitethorn dream that different upcoming capacity mightiness beryllium recorded for posterity. Carlile has nan Gorge successful Washington authorities booked for a three-night guidelines June 9-11, and nan mediate nighttime will beryllium devoted to different Joni jam, a la Newport. That show quickly sold retired arsenic soon arsenic it was announced. It’s being characterized arsenic Mitchell’s first pre-announced, ticketed show successful 20 years.

The way database for “At Newport”:

  1. Introduction by Brandi Carlile
  2. “Big Yellow Taxi”
  3. “A Case Of You”
  4. “Amelia”
  5. “Both Sides Now”
  6. “Just Like This Train”
  7. “Summertime”
  8. “Carey”
  9. “Help Me” – Celisse
  10. “Come In From The Cold”
  11. “Shine”
  12. “The Circle Game”

Joni Mitchell astatine Newport (Photo: Nina Westervelt)