John Travolta and Katherine Heigl to Star in Rom-Com ‘That’s Amore!’ |

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John Travolta and Katherine Heigl will prima successful Nick Vallelonga’s upcoming rom-com “That’s Amore!” Palisades Park Pictures made nan announcement Thursday up of nan income motorboat for nan movie astatine Cannes Film Festival. Additionally, Christopher Walken is successful talks to subordinate nan cast.

“Nick Venere (Travolta) is simply a modern-day “Marty” – he’s ne'er been joined and his champion making love years are good down him. He’s ne'er heard nan words “I emotion you” and figures he ne'er will,” said nan charismatic movie synopsis.

“Patty Amore (Heigl) has her stock of problems arsenic well. Shy and introverted, she’s filled pinch various tics and tense habits. A concealed from her past, mixed pinch her over-protective father, person caused her to retreat from nan making love game. When Nick and Patty meet, virtually bumping into 1 another, they stock an contiguous connection. When these 2 emotionally damaged group effort to day 1 another, their families get involved, and nan results are hilarious.”

Production for nan movie is group to statesman successful August. Vallelonga’s squad includes cinematographer Dante Spinotti, accumulation designer Gianni Quaranta, editor Steven Rosenblum and costume designer Besty Heimann. David Polemeni, Tamara Birkemoe and Mark Damon are executive producers connected nan film.

PPP will present nan movie to world buyers astatine Cannes, making it nan first title connected nan world income banner’s slate. “This film’s unparalleled prima powerfulness and endearing, romanticist charm is simply a testament to the
quality of films that PPP will proceed to coming to buyers astatine forthcoming movie markets,” said Tamara Birkemoe, CEO of PPP.