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Jimmie Allen has been officially dropped by BBR Records, nan explanation confirmed to Variety precocious Friday, aft a 2nd female sued him for intersexual assault.

“BBR Music Group has dissolved its narration pinch Jimmie Allen,” nan little connection reads. “He is nary longer an progressive creator connected its roster.”

The state vocalist was previously put connected suspension by agency, guidance and explanation successful nan aftermath of being sued by his erstwhile female head for intersexual battle and battery.

Allen denied nan claims that he raped and sexually abused his erstwhile manager, calling nan allegations “not only false, but besides highly damaging.”

But little than 1 period aft those first accusations, different female came guardant to impeach Allen successful a caller intersexual battle suit successful which nan 2nd Jane Doe alleges nan vocalist secretly filmed her during activity without her consent aliases awareness. After nan alleged incident, which occurred successful July 2022, this female revenge a constabulary report, according to her lawsuit.

After nan first suit deed successful May, Allen was suspended by UTA; his label, BBR Music Group; and nan guidance firm, The Familie, which he had been represented by since precocious past year. He was instantly terminated by his publicity squad at Full Coverage Communications erstwhile nan allegations first surfaced, and since has been represented by lawyer Andrew Brettler.

Variety’s first study regarding allegations against Allen successful May revealed that nan vocalist was dropped by his erstwhile manager, Ash Bowers of Wide Open Music, aft nan first female came guardant pinch her intersexual battle claims. The divided from his longtime manager, who discovered him and helped catapult him to superstardom, happened softly successful precocious 2022.

Allen had been 1 of nan astir promising — and in-demand — performers successful modern-day state music. His profession has been connected a standstill pinch news of nan allegations, and he has publicly apologized to his woman and children for what he categorizes arsenic an “affair,” but he maintains his innocence and has denied immoderate allegation of wrongdoing. (Allen and his wife, who is pregnant pinch their 3rd child, announced their separation earlier this year, earlier nan allegations became public.)

Allen, who was nominated for champion caller creator astatine nan 2022 Grammy awards, had 3 of his first 4 singles sprout to No. 1 astatine state radio, a rarity for a debuting creator successful nan format. Ever since his breakthrough, he has been dressed up pinch awards, including wins for champion caller creator astatine nan CMA and ACM awards successful 2021. Allen sewage his commencement arsenic a contestant connected “American Idol” successful 2011, and much precocious has been featured connected nan singing title show arsenic a personage performer and mentor. He toured pinch Carrie Underwood connected her nationwide “The Diamonds & Rhinestones Tour” earlier this year. His aspirations spell beyond music, competing connected nan 30th play of “Dancing With nan Stars” and serving arsenic a judge connected Apple’s euphony title show, “My Kind of Country,” executive produced by Reese Witherspoon and Kacey Musgraves. He is simply a predominant beingness connected talk shows, and was being packaged arsenic a family-friendly, all-American star, moreover performing astatine nan Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

The lawyer who represents some female who are separately suing Allen told Variety that she has been approached by much accusers of Allen. “We person spoken to much women, and I expect that location will beryllium much lawsuits,” she says.