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Jim Caviezel (“The Passion Of The Christ,” “Frequency,” “Deja Vu”) stars successful quality trafficking play “Sound of Freedom,” nan first trailer for which has been unveiled by Angel Studios.

The movie is based connected nan existent communicative of Tim Ballard, a erstwhile U.S. authorities supplier that quits his occupation to rescue children from world activity traffickers. Ballard (Caviezel), a national agent, finds himself losing dream successful nan acheronian section of children crime work. However, Ballard quickly uncovers his life ngo erstwhile he’s capable to free a seven-year-old boy that was kidnapped. When nan young boy asks Ballard to find his sister who was besides kidnapped, Ballard decides to give his life to rescuing children from activity slavery.

Alongside Caviezel, nan formed besides includes Oscar victor Mira Sorvino (“The Final Cut”), Bill Camp (“12 Years a Slave”), José Zúñiga (“Twilight”), Eduardo Verástegui (“Unplanned”), who is besides a producer, and written and directed by Alejandro Monteverde (Toronto victor “Bella,” “Little Boy”).

Angel Studios acquired worldwide distribution rights earlier this year.

“‘Sound of Freedom’ is respectfully and stunningly filmed, based connected existent events of undercover heroes bringing dream to many,” said Neal Harmon, CEO of Angel Studios. “This movie will support audiences connected nan separator of their seats pinch suspense and promote each of america to return action.”

Caviezel added: “I americium truthful proud to beryllium a portion of this impactful film. In fact, I’d opportunity this is nan 2nd astir important movie I’ve done aft ‘The Passion Of The Christ.'”

“Sound of Freedom” releases crossed nan U.S. connected July 4.

Watch nan trailer here:

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