ITVX Acquires British Asian Comedy ‘The Effects of Lying’ (EXCLUSIVE) |

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U.K. streamer ITVX has acquired “The Effects of Lying,” a comedic play pinch South Asian representation, from independent accumulation institution Bonaparte Films.

It is directed by Isher Sahota, known for his activity connected “Grace” and “McDonald & Dodds” and produced by Jon Tarcy, whose erstwhile activity includes “Life successful Black.”

Written by James Hey (“Doctors”), nan crippled revolves astir Naveen, a dutiful hubby and loving begetter played by Ace Bhatti (“Bohemian Rhapsody,” “Line of Duty”). His life is turned upside down erstwhile a bid of shocking events hap successful conscionable 1 day, exposing decades of festering secrets. Laila Rouass (“Holby City,” “Spooks”), Lauren Patel (“Everybody’s Talking About Jamie”), Navin Chowdry (“The End of nan F***ing World”), Shaheen Khan (“What’s Love Got to Do pinch It?”) and Mark Williams (the Harry Potter franchise).

Bhatti said: “Naveen is simply a man who tries to do correct by his family. He’s trying truthful difficult to support his fractious family together, but wrong 24 hours he learns 3 very deep, very acheronian secrets that break his life apart. By lunchtime, his full life is shattered… and he has to study very quickly really to woody pinch that connected an affectional level.”

Rouass said astir her character: “We find her astatine a existent crossroads and I deliberation a batch of women tin subordinate to personification for illustration her – a reflection of nan opportunities you didn’t take. This movie meant a batch to america and nan opportunity to do thing wherever everyone’s agreed successful nan logic they’re doing it. For me, that’s wherever nan magic lies successful this movie.”

Tarcy and Sahota added: ““The Effects of Lying” is simply a relatable, hilarious and heart-warming film, truthful we are delighted nan show has recovered its location connected ITVX. This was a wholly independent task shot successful conscionable 12 days. Our ngo was to bring a caller infinitesimal successful practice to U.K. screens, truthful to beryllium supported by a awesome level successful this competitory ambiance is simply a dream travel true.”

“The Effects of Lying” will motorboat connected ITVX connected July 6, during South Asian Heritage Month.