Italian Eco-Themed Animation Title ‘Forest’ Scores Strong Pre-Sales at Cannes for True Colours (EXCLUSIVE) |

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“Forest,” an Italian eco-themed animation movie astir deforestation, has scored immoderate beardown pre-sales for Rome-based True Colours astatine nan Cannes Marché du film.

The still-in-production 3-D animation characteristic – nan protagonist of which is simply a young mushroom named Fey – has been picked up for astir 20 territories by Top Film Distribution which will administer “Forest” successful Ukraine, CIS, nan Baltics, and Eastern European countries including erstwhile Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Poland, Czech and Slovak Republics, Romania, and Hungary. 

Helmed by Luca Della Grotta and Francesco Dafano, nan movie is produced by Italy’s AI One, nan aforesaid squad that antecedently spawned 2020 likewise themed animation characteristic “Trash” that sold successful much than 30 countries. 

“Forest” – which is nan first animation title connected nan True Colours slate and a uncommon lawsuit of an Italian animation characteristic movie – was presented past twelvemonth arsenic an in-development task astatine specialized co-production platforms including Cartoon Movie successful nan French metropolis of Bordeaux. After launching pre-sales successful Cannes, True Colours will now proceed marketplace activity connected “Forest” astatine nan Annecy International Animation Film Festival successful France.

Other True Colours income scored successful Cannes comprise deals connected 2 useful by Italian first timers: Lyda Patitucci’s atmospheric noir “Like Sheep Among Wolves,” produced by Groenlandia which premiered successful Rotterdam, and Tiziano Russo’s upcoming teen play “Supernova” (“Noi anni luce”) produced by Notorious Pictures. Both debut films person been sold for Australia and New Zealand to Palace Film which besides acquired Alessio Cremonini’s ISIS-themed play “Prophets” and Michele Vannucci’s revenge play “Delta” that launched from Locarno.

Berlinale Generation title “The Properties of Metals” has been sold by True Colours to Swedish Films for Sweden and LGBTQ drama “Norwegian Dream,” which is Norwegian-Polish head Leiv Igor Devold’s characteristic debut, has recovered distribution successful Benelux, Spain, and Israel via Cinemien.