International Federation of Film Producers and WIA Announce the Stories x Women Delegates |

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International Federation of Film Producers Associations (FIAPF) and Women successful Animation (WIA) person announced nan action of nan 5 delegates of nan 2nd version of nan Stories x Women program.

Stories x Women’s useful to support and supply opportunities for African, Asia-Pacific Islander and Latin American women animators who want to show their authentic stories. The programme is sponsored by nan Walt Disney Company, pinch further support from Sony Pictures Entertainment.

The 5 are “Superpunk” (Brazil) led by Mirtes Santana and Guilherme Petreca, “Negocio de Brujas” (Chile) led by Paulina Sanhueza Meléndez and Alejandra Jaramillo Fanta, “Nerea” (Dominican Republic) led by Fabiola Contreras Rosso and Arima Léon, “The Golden Pig” (Malaysia) led by Hwei Ling Ow and Kate Goodwin and “Papo Hapo” (Türkiye/Kenya) led by Irmak Atabek Ndungu and Mbithi Masya.

Those selected were chosen from a excavation of 130-plus candidates and will person a bid of mentoring sessions led by animation experts, arsenic good arsenic one-on-one coaching sessions. The programme prepares nan delegates to transportation astatine nan 2023 Annecy International Animation Film Festival and Market (MIFA).

“Stories x Women supports nan activity of women animators from regions that are little visible successful nan world marketplace and is an other publication to nan corporate efforts made by this manufacture successful that field,” said Luis Alberto Scalella, president of FIAPF.

“For 10 years, WIA has been focused connected reaching 50/50 gender parity successful animation by 2025. The Stories x Women programme aligns perfectly pinch our ngo of supporting and empowering group of underrepresented gender identities successful animation. It’s actively removing barriers faced by women and gender non-conforming creatives and making abstraction for them to show their authentic stories,” said Marge Dean, WIA president.