Inside Max’s Luxe ‘Sex and the City’ Experience, Where Fans Can Browse Carrie’s Closet and Break Up on a Post-It Note  |

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When Variety collapsed nan news that Kim Cattrall will reprise her iconic domiciled arsenic Samantha Jones for a cameo successful nan Season 2 finale of “And Just Like That,” I couldn’t thief but wonder… is location thing that could thrill a “Sex and nan City” instrumentality more?

The reply is yes: nan HBO show’s 25th day acquisition successful New York City, arsenic put connected by Max, to observe Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Charlotte (Kristin Davis), Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) and Samantha and — perchance astir important — each of their stunning clothes.

Formally titled “And Just Like That…It’s Been 25 Years, A Sex and nan City Experience,” nan arena will beryllium unfastened June 8-June 11, but Variety and different members of nan property were fto into Carrie’s closet early Thursday to explore.

Upon entering nan immersive abstraction successful New York’s SoHo neighborhood, nan first point you’ll spot are 4 elephantine installations displaying photos and rolling footage of Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha, giving you nan guidance you request to decide, “I americium a…” (None of you asked, but I’m a Charlotte.)

Across from those pieces are a ’90s-era newsstand hawking copies of re-creations of issues of magazines and newspapers from nan show, alongside real-life covers featuring nan 4 starring actresses from complete nan past 2 decades.

Then, nan arena genuinely becomes “immersive,” arsenic you deed up 2 fabulous photograph ops: 1 connected nan stoop of Carrie’s celebrated brownstone and 1 astatine nan table successful her apartment. (Yes, location is simply a model connected nan different broadside they’ll return your image done arsenic you type retired your caller file connected nan aged Mac.)

Once you get done Carrie’s chamber (don’t beryllium connected nan bed, you’ll get scolded!), you participate a “dreamscape” type of her closet. Here, you locomotion down a hallway pinch 4 ample screens connected either side. The first six of these are dedicated to showing montages of Carrie’s astir beloved outfits passim “Sex and nan City,” while nan last 2 show disconnected her looks from Season 1 of Max’s followup show, “And Just Like That.”

After you look from Carrie’s closet, you participate a ample abstraction pinch solid cases displaying classical outfits, bags, and heels curated by “And Just Like That” costume designers Molly Rogers and Danny Santiago.

There’s besides a Post-It wall (we’re sorry, we couldn’t constitute one, don’t dislike us), a gift shop pinch “Sex and nan City” 25th day merch, a barroom wherever you tin bid Carrie’s cosmo (mocktail versions, too!), and a guidelines filled pinch Magnolia Bakery cupcakes (if you know, you know).

During nan property arena connected opening day, reporters were treated to a sheet hosted by Vogue that included Parker, Rogers and Santiago. The 3 said astir Rogers’ and Patricia Field’s costume activity connected nan original series, arsenic good arsenic nan activity done for nan movie sequels — and nan designs that Rogers and Santiago are now utilizing for “And Just Like That.”

The 3 took clip retired from discussing nan galore pieces successful Carrie’s extended wardrobe (which are kept safe pinch Parker erstwhile they aren’t being used) to talk astir nan precocious Willie Garson, who died conscionable anterior to nan merchandise of “And Just Like That’s” first season. According to Santiago, Garson’s “Sex and nan City” and “And Just Like That” character, Stanford Blatch, was his favourite to dress.

“He was ever unfastened to colors and accessories and pins and broaches and ties and shoes,” Santiago said. Bradshaw added, “He loved being a insubstantial doll.”

While Parker was unwilling to spill thing astir Season 2 beyond what’s successful nan trailer (“I’m inclined to springiness distant nothing. I deliberation what you’ve seen is arsenic overmuch arsenic I’m consenting to say”), she and Rogers called upon “Sex and nan City” and “And Just Like That” executive shaper Michael Patrick King, who was sitting successful nan assemblage adjacent to producing partner John Melfi to tell, nan communicative of erstwhile he first saw nan infamous vertebrate that Carrie wears successful her hairsbreadth to her and Big’s first effort astatine a wedding.

“They said, travel here, travel here,” King said from nan audience. “They opened a small closet successful nan lobby of nan Park Avenue building wherever Carrie was coming out. And I spot this bird, and I conscionable had to return a measurement back. I closed nan door, because it’s for illustration religion for them. And I was like, I don’t cognize what to say. And past SJ looks maine correct successful nan eyes and goes, ‘It’s amazing.’ And that’s really it works. It’s a existent dance, and it’s a thrilling collaboration betwixt each of us.”

At nan extremity of nan panel, Parker rang a bell, which she says is utilized connected nan group of “And Just Like That” whenever it’s decided that a costume is wholly complete, from caput to toe. “This is nan astir important portion of nan full process, because that intends done.”

“And Just Like That” Season 2 premieres June 22 connected Max.