Imax Documentary ‘The Elephant Odyssey’ Shooting in China, Sets 2024 Theatrical Release |

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Production is now nether measurement connected “The Elephant Odyssey,” a awesome wildlife documentary movie that will merchandise successful Imax theaters adjacent year.

The film, directed by Alice Gu, chronicles nan highly different trek by a herd of elephants successful China that began successful early 2020. As nan group diverted from their accustomed residence and marched complete 1,000 km (600 miles) crossed distant Yunnan Province they attracted world attention, including live-streamed drone footage. They raided atom stores, indulged successful impromptu colony feasts and messy mud fights, and moreover gave birth while connected nan road.

Reasons for nan herd’s 18-month trek are unclear, pinch wildlife experts variously pointing to ambiance alteration and nan nonaccomplishment of conservation efforts.

“The Elephant Odyssey” is directed by Gu (“The Donut King”), pinch Clair Popkin (“Free Solo,” “Wild Life”) serving arsenic nan head of photography. It is filmed pinch Imax-certified cameras and will characteristic exclusive footage of nan elephants’ travel done an unprecedented business pinch China Review Studio of China International Communications Group (CICG).

The movie is co-produced by Imax, Beach House Pictures, and China Review Studio, associated pinch nan Foreign Languages Press and Lucent Pictures. Imax’s John Turner and Daniel Manwaring, Beach House’s Donovan Chan and Jocelyn Little, and China Review Studio’s Chen Fang will executive produce.

“The 18-month travel of nan Yunnan elephants astatine nan tallness of nan pandemic was a hopeful antidote to nan lockdowns galore of america were enduring,” said John Turner, head of documentaries for Imax. “We wanted to cognize much astir these animals and why it happened. Together pinch Beach House Pictures, China Review Studio and head Alice Gu, this will beryllium an immersive wildlife documentary for illustration nary other.”

“This is simply a premier illustration of nan premium Asia-to-the-World collaborations that Beach House Pictures excel astatine and we are proud to beryllium making our first Imax movie pinch China Review Studio,” said Donovan Chan, imaginative head of Beach House Pictures, “I person nary uncertainty that nan unthinkable elephants and group we will meet and nan stunning places we will uncover will astonishment and delight audiences, and animate america to do much to repair and protect our vulnerable narration pinch Mother Nature.”

“Telling awesome stories has ever been a halfway portion of Imax’s DNA, and we’re thrilled to bring this fascinating communicative from China to nan world,” said Daniel Manwaring, CEO of IMAX China.

“The documentary movie ‘The Elephant Odyssey’ is simply a heavy exploration that goes beyond nan fascinating travel of nan Asian elephants that moved northbound and south, uncovering antecedently unknown, rubbing stories,” said Chen Fang, head of China Review Studio, CICG.

Founded 18 years agone by Chan and MD Jocelyn Little, Beach House Pictures is headquartered successful Singapore and is backed by Canada’s Blue Ant Media. Its multi-genre output now span scripted, factual, unscripted and branded programming.

Imax has its largest fleet of elephantine surface cinemas successful China. In March this year, it had 794 successful cognition and 200 much successful backlog.

Since its constitution successful 2012, China Review Studio has produced complete 100 documentaries pinch Chinese themes covering ecology, science, exertion and culture.