How ‘Encanto: Live at the Hollywood Bowl’ Came Together in 72 Hours |

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Transforming Disney’s award-winning animated characteristic “Encanto” into a unrecorded acquisition astatine nan Hollywood Bowl successful beforehand of an assemblage of 17,000 group was nary easy feat, pinch factors specified arsenic nan pandemic, constricted entree to nan venue and unexpected upwind conditions each successful play. But nan accumulation team, formed and unit pulled it disconnected successful nether 72 hours, delivering a Broadway-quality experience.

Unlike a Broadway show, nan original sound cast, scores of dancers and accumulation squad did not person nan luxury of rehearsing astatine nan Bowl. Gabe Turner, executive shaper of nan event, said, “We could only summation entree to nan Bowl for 4 days earlier we were owed to invited our dancers, orchestra and formed into nan space.”

“This meant we really only had 72 hours wherever we had everyone successful nan aforesaid place, rehearsing and stepping done numbers earlier we were owed to unfastened doors,” said shaper Sally Wood.

The thought to person nan movie to a unrecorded acquisition began 4 months earlier, pinch teams crossed London and Los Angeles utilizing Zoom to conceptualize nan process.

Communication was captious for nan accumulation to propulsion disconnected delivering nan newly-conceived screen-to-stage show connected clip to a unrecorded audience.

“Every spot of accusation was captious to beryllium passed connected to nan adjacent person,” Wood said. “If nan group dimensions changed, nan projections squad needed to cognize astir amendments, nan head and nan camera squad needed to cognize astir their changeable database and camera placements, and nan choreographer and formed needed to cognize wherever to exit nan shape from.”

The rehearsal process deed a insignificant obstacle erstwhile L.A. knowledgeable adverse upwind conditions and a torrential downpour, which forced rehearsals backmost indoors, hindering existent clip connected nan Bowl’s stage.

“We did not person nan luxury of weeks of shape method rehearsals you would expect of a Broadway show,” Turner said.

Choreographer Jamal Sims, who worked connected nan creation steps for nan animated feature, began conceptualizing his live-to-film steps complete Zoom pinch nan accumulation team, earlier utilizing 50 dancers from nan LA area. With nan upwind setback, Sims worked pinch nan dancers and formed connected a soundstage instead.

The original sound formed included Stephanie Beatriz arsenic Mirabel, Jessica Darrow (Luisa), Diane Guerrero (Isabela), Adassa (Dolores), Carolina Gaitán (Pepa), Mauro Castillo (Félix), Angie Cepeda (Julieta) and Olga Merediz (Abuela), each reunited for nan special, moving pinch Sims to bring numbers for illustration “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” and “Casa Madrigal” to life.

Turner says nan first clip nan unit stepped connected shape astatine nan Bowl marked a typical occasion.

“This was nan first clip they came together because nan animated characteristic really came retired during nan pandemic, and nan sound recordings had been done complete Zoom,” she said.

“Encanto Live astatine nan Hollywood Bowl” is streaming connected Disney+