Horror Animation Anthology Series ‘A Banquet for Hungry Ghosts’ to be Served Up by Global Partners (EXCLUSIVE) | instastori.com

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Robot Playground Media (RPM) has recruited a squad of world animation companies to nutrient animated scary anthology bid “A Banquet for Hungry Ghosts.”

The 10-episode bid is based connected Chinese-American writer Ying Chang Compestine’s bestselling 2016 YA book. Episode 1 of nan anthology, titled “Egg Fried Rice,” is presently successful accumulation arsenic a aviator bid from Singapore’s nationalist media web Mediacorp, and is owed an early 2024 release.

The task was 1 of nan winning pitches astatine Mediacorp’s Content Development Pitch 2022 competition, which was portion of Creatives Assembly, nan company’s yearly telephone for contented ideas. The aviator episode, “Egg Fried Rice,” owed for an early 2024 release, has been commissioned for accumulation and will beryllium financed by Mediacorp pinch 108 Media co-financing connected a bid order.

RPM will beryllium nan lead shaper for nan anthology and has assembled a lineup of animation studios that will each create its unsocial scary short, including Igloo Studio (Thailand), Studio Climb (Malaysia), Something Big (France), Disnosc (France), Werlen Meyer (France) and Xanthus Animation (Taiwan) pinch much studios to beryllium revealed imminently. RPM will nutrient 2 episodes itself, including nan pilot.

The bid comprises 10 self-contained shade stories laid retired arsenic a 10-course banquet, complete pinch appetizers, main courses and dessert. Each different crockery represents a communicative of scary and takes spot during nan Hungry Ghost Festival – a Chinese and Southeast Asian civilization wherever nutrient offerings are made to appease ghosts roaming nan earthly realm during nan seventh period of nan lunar calendar.

The episodes, group successful different cities astir nan world, will beryllium betwixt 13 and 24 minutes long. The episodes will beryllium titled: “Egg Fried Rice,” “Steamed Dumplings,” “Sweet and Sour Pork,” “Hot Pot,” “Kung Pao Chicken,” “Peking Duck,” “Cold Platter,” “Glutinous Rice Balls,” “Dim Sum” and “Long Life Noodles.”

The accumulation will beryllium executive produced by Justin Deimen, Ying Compestine and Abhi Rastogi for 108 Media and Ervin Han, Bernard Toh and Raul Garcia for RPM.

RPM CEO and co-founder Ervin Han said: “The operation of Chinese nutrient and nan afterlife is an irresistible pairing for what we envision to beryllium a groundbreaking animated bid for a modern audience. Ten deliciously macabre tales created by immoderate of nan astir breathtaking indie studios from Asia and astir nan world. Horror is simply a genre that has been underserved successful animation for excessively long. With ‘Banquet,’ we purpose to create a long-running scary bid that will fulfill nan appetite of a world assemblage quiet for bold, nosy and imaginative big animation. Let nan feast begin.”

Angeline Poh, main customer and firm improvement serviceman of Mediacorp, added: “Robot Playground Media wowed america pinch their transportation for ‘A Banquet for Hungry Ghosts’ astatine our Content Development Pitch competition. We are thrilled to beryllium moving pinch them to nutrient ‘Egg Fried Rice.’ This collaboration underlines Mediacorp’s committedness to put successful nan improvement of bully stories, arsenic good arsenic our dedication to nurturing and supporting imaginative talents. This breathtaking and innovative conception promises a spine-chilling viewing acquisition for nan world audience, and we can’t hold to delve into this unsocial culinary travel of terror.”