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Thanks to nan likes of nan “Spider-Verse” films and nan Insomniac Games, a full procreation now sees nan characteristic of Miles Morales arsenic a worthy, and arguably much interesting, successor to Peter Parker arsenic Spider-Man. Audiences besides look good pinch nan imaginable of aggregate incarnations of Spider-Man connected surface astatine nan aforesaid time.

However, The live-action films person been focused solely connected Peter Parker done 3 incarnations. “Spider-Man: No Way Home” served arsenic a fitting extremity to not conscionable Tom Holland’s trilogy of films but nan past 20 years of “Spider-Man” movies and Peter’s journey.

At nan extremity of that film, nan template is efficaciously reset pinch Holland now retired there, alone, serving arsenic Spider-Man. Last week, “Spider-Verse” shaper Amy Pascal confirmed that a Miles Morales movie is successful nan useful and a 4th “Spider-Man” pinch Holland is connected nan way.

Holland himself has besides been retired precocious promoting his caller Apple bid “The Crowded Room” and revealed he’s taking a twelvemonth break from filming thing – not to mention nan writer’s onslaught has stalled immoderate further improvement connected a 4th “Spider-Man” movie for now.

In a caller question and reply pinch Inverse, Holland teased there’s “some worldly going on” pinch nan untitled Spider-Man 4 that he’s excited about, but adds:

“Whether aliases not it’ll travel to fruition, who knows? But correct now, it’s looking beautiful good, and we’ll conscionable person to hold and see.”

He was besides asked astir sharing nan surface pinch Miles Morales and it turns retired he’s eager to spot Miles make that leap:

“I would beryllium honored to bring Miles Morales into nan live-action world. How we do that, I don’t know, but fixed nan opportunity, I would jump astatine it.”

With Miles Morales looking highly apt to travel into play successful live-action form, nan mobility now stands arsenic to whether nan characteristic will make his debut successful his ain movie that Pascal teased, aliases if he’ll first look successful a 4th “Spider-Man” alongside Holland.

Neither of those projects has a accumulation commencement date, fto unsocial a merchandise date, astatine this time.