Hillcoat To Direct McCarthy’s “Blood Meridian”

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The Weinstein Company

After galore years of grounded attempts to get it beyond nan improvement stage, New Regency has now hired Aussie filmmaker John Hillcoat to nonstop a movie adjustment of Pulitzer Prize victor Cormac McCarthy’s darkest and astir convulsive occidental caller “Blood Meridian”.

Widely considered 1 of nan top useful of American literature, nan 1985 book follows a 14-year-old Tennesseean’s acquisition pinch a group of scalp hunters who massacred Native Americans and others successful nan United States-Mexico borderlands for bounty, pleasure, and yet retired of compulsion.

Various board person expressed liking successful doing an adjustment complete nan years including Ridley Scott, Michael Haneke, Todd Field and James Franco.

Hillcoat has familiarity pinch nan taxable matter – making his sanction connected nan convulsive Aussie occidental “The Proposition” and having already adapted a McCarthy activity pinch “The Road” movie starring Viggo Mortensen.

Back successful 2016, Hillcoat revealed “Blood Meridian” was nan movie he ever wanted to do, but astatine nan time, infamous shaper Scott Rudin was reportedly “blocking it”. That’s not an rumor anymore, it seems.

Hillcoat and Keith Redmon will produce, whilst McCarthy and his son, John Francis McCarthy, will service arsenic executive producers. Hillcoat astir precocious directed episodes of nan Showtime constricted bid “George & Tammy”.

Source: Deadline