High Fidelity Pictures Teams With Nuworx Productions to Adapt ‘Hund, Wolf, Schakal’ as Series (EXCLUSIVE) | instastori.com

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High Fidelity Pictures and recently formed sister institution Nuworx Productions are group to accommodate Behzad Karim Khani’s bestselling caller “Hund, Wolf, Schakal” together pinch a yet-to-be-announced German broadcasting partner.

Production for nan bid is owed to commencement adjacent year.

The critically acclaimed caller tells nan communicative of 2 very otherwise wired brothers who fled Iran pinch their father, and must now guidelines up for themselves connected nan streets of Berlin.

The book received nan Debut Prize astatine nan Harbour Front Literature Festival, on pinch galore affirmative reviews and was connected nan Shortlist of nan Aspekte-Literature-Award.

High Fidelity, led by Sabina Arnold, Züli Aladag and Felix Zackor, develops and produces high-quality fabrication bid formats and characteristic films pinch some a nationalist and world focus, moving intimately pinch young talent.

Nuworx Productions has been founded by nan trio, nether nan Beta Group umbrella. Zackor is executive producer, and Arnold and Aladag are co-managing directors.

Nuworx Productions intends to “provide accumulation companies pinch a beardown and reliable partner during each phases of their movie and bid projects,” according to a statement. Services see semipermanent conception and budgeting, support successful financing and negotiations, accumulation implementation, movie management, controlling, post-production coordination, and last accounting.

“The marketplace has go progressively diverse, pinch breathtaking producers and creatives processing innovative content,” Zackor said. “We position ourselves arsenic knowledgeable friends accompanying our partners successful realizing their visions and supply them pinch a unchangeable and competent accumulation structure. Modern accumulation is teamwork.”

Aladag added: “We judge successful our partners and want to support them successful establishing their productions pinch our expertise and structures. At nan aforesaid time, we supply them pinch nan instauration for growth, arsenic good arsenic much capacity for nan improvement and acquisition of caller projects.”