‘High Desert’ Canceled at Apple TV+ After One Season, Patricia Arquette Shares | instastori.com

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“High Desert” is headed beyond nan sky astatine Apple TV+. In a video posted connected Instagram Saturday morning, bid prima Patricia Arquette shared that nan accumulation had not received an bid for a 2nd play astatine nan streamer.

“A batch of you person asked astir ‘High Desert’ and if location was going to beryllium a 2nd season, truthful I conscionable wanted to fto you cognize that we conscionable recovered retired that we won’t beryllium coming back,” Arquette opened. “That’s a sad bummer for each of us.”

Arquette extended her gratitude to nan crew, writers and actors connected nan series. The station was accompanied pinch a matter caption: “It stinks.”

“We conscionable had a blast. I emotion Peggy and that punk stone world,” Arquette continued. “Thanks to you guys for watching. Can’t triumph them all. You know, it sucks but… tough.”

Representatives for Apple TV+ were not instantly disposable for comment.

“High Desert” premiered its first 3 episodes of Season 1 connected May 17, releasing a caller section each consequent Wednesday earlier concluding pinch a finale connected June 21. Arquette starred arsenic Peggy Newman, a supplier addict who turns a caller leafage by absconding to nan Yucca Valley godforsaken to go a backstage eye.

Nancy Fichman, Katie Ford and Jennifer Hoppe served arsenic writers and creators connected nan oddball series. The trio executive produced alongside Ben Stiller, Nicky Weinstock, Jackie Cohn, Molly Madden, Tom Lasally and John Cameron, arsenic good arsenic Jay Roach, who directed each 8 episodes. Michelle Graham served arsenic co-executive producer.

“I really loved Peggy — her weird measurement of looking astatine nan world, and her funny consciousness of humor,” Arquette told Variety around nan bid premiere. “Jay described her to maine arsenic a stone ‘n’ rotation hummingbird.”