Henry Cavill’s Bond Audition Was ‘Tremendous,’ Says ‘Casino Royale’ Director: ‘If Daniel Craig Didn’t Exist, Henry Would’ve Made an Excellent 007’ | instastori.com

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“Casino Royale” head Martin Campbell revealed successful a caller question and reply pinch Express UK that Henry Cavill could person been James Bond had Daniel Craig not earned nan domiciled of 007 successful his 2006 franchise reboot. The movie reinvigorated nan Bond franchise aft Pierce Brosnan’s divisive “Die Another Day” successful 2002, and it kicked disconnected Craig’s acclaimed tenure arsenic Bond. As for Cavill, Campbell had thing but raves for nan Superman actor’s audition.

“He looked awesome successful nan audition. His acting was tremendous,” Campbell said. “And look, if Daniel didn’t beryllium Henry would person made an fantabulous Bond. He looked terrific, he was successful awesome beingness shape…very handsome, very chiseled. He conscionable looked a small young astatine that clip backmost then.”

Despite Cavill’s awesome audition, Campbell said he was not “favoring Henry” complete Craig for nan role.

“The measurement they activity pinch Bond, and it’s beautiful terrific, is erstwhile they determine connected nan character and you audition – successful our case, it was 8 group – it’s very democratic,” Campbell said. “You beryllium astir a table, 8 aliases 9 of you. It was myself and nan producers, casting director, etc. And you spell done nan 8 group and you put your manus up arsenic you talk done each personification and yet everybody has to beryllium unanimous successful their decision, if you spot what I mean.”

With Craig’s Bond tenure complete pursuing nan merchandise of “No Time to Die,” nan hunt for a caller Bond character will begin. Does that mean nan 40-year-old Cavill should beryllium backmost successful nan mix?

“By nan clip Daniel sewage to [‘No Time To Die’] really he was astatine an property wherever 1 much would person been excessively aged for him,” Campbell said. “I cognize pinch Pierce he had to motion connected to 3 erstwhile we did him. So that’s going to take, what, six years of your life maybe? I fishy Daniel [had] nan aforesaid deal. And nan adjacent guy’s going to person to do that.”

“Henry’s 40, truthful by nan clip he’s done nan 3rd 1 he’s going to beryllium 50 and thing beyond that’s two, 3 years per Bond,” nan head added. “He’s successful bully style Henry, he’s a bully guy. He did very good successful nan audition, but ironically he was excessively young.”

The determination to yet formed Craig successful “Casino Royale” did not person unanimous praise. As longtime Bond casting head Debbie McWilliams told Entertainment Weekly back successful 2021, she “felt sorry” for Craig aft his casting led to utmost blowback from property who thought Craig didn’t fresh nan portion of Bond.

“It was unbelievably negative, I person to say,” McWilliams said astir nan guidance to Craig’s casting. “The property consequence was atrocious and I felt truthful sorry for him, but successful a funny benignant of a measurement I deliberation it almost spurred him connected to do his damndest to beryllium everybody wrong.”

“The full measurement done nan film, worldly would travel retired astir [how] he couldn’t locomotion and talk, he couldn’t run, he couldn’t thrust a car properly, truthful overmuch worldly which was wholly and utterly untrue,” she continued. “And he conscionable kept his caput down, sewage connected pinch nan occupation and past nan movie came retired and everybody went, ‘Oh wow, I deliberation we rather for illustration him aft all.’”

There’s presently nary timeline successful spot for erstwhile nan adjacent James Bond character will beryllium announced.