H264 Launches World Sales Agency With ‘Red Rooms,’ ‘Mademoiselle Kenopsia,’ ‘Humanist Vampire’ (EXCLUSIVE) | instastori.com

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Canada-based movie supplier and aggregator H264 is launching a world income limb pinch nan acquisition of “Red Rooms,” which has its world premiere adjacent week successful nan Crystal Globe Competition of nan Karlovy Vary Film Festival. The institution is focused connected festival-driven, innovative films.

“Red Rooms,” directed by Quebec filmmaker Pascal Plante (“Fake Tattoos,” “Nadia, Butterfly”), is simply a cyber-thriller questioning nan corporate fascination pinch murderers. It will surface astatine Karlovy Vary connected July 4, and will past unfastened nan Fantasia Film Festival connected July 20 for its North American premiere.

Montréal-based H264 is besides ramping up its world slate by adding “Mademoiselle Kenopsia,” from filmmaker Denis Côté, who won awards astatine Berlin pinch “Vic + Flo Saw a Bear” and Locarno pinch “Curling.”

The institution is besides representing nan acheronian drama “Humanist Vampire Seeks Consenting Suicidal Person,” directed by Ariane Louis-Seize (“Wild Skin,” “The Depths,” “Comme une comète”), starring Sara Montpetit (“Falcon Lake”) and Steve Laplante (“Viking” by Stéphane Lafleur, “The Nature of Love” by Monia Chokri).

Jean-Christophe J. Lamontagne, laminitis and president of H264, will negociate income pinch Sarah Moustakim, already moving connected world integer income astatine H264, and Ariane Deschênes, VP and ineligible counsel of nan company.

“Positioning H264 arsenic an world income supplier represents nan culmination of nan various activities we person carried retired complete nan past fewer years. We are thrilled to correspond nan champion of Canadian cinema successful each its shape crossed nan globe,” Lamontagne said.