Gunn On Marvel vs. DC, Supes Casting |

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James Gunn is good alert of Marvel vs. DC tribalism that’s retired location successful fandom, but has been 1 of nan fewer to beryllium capable jump betwixt nan 2 without rumor either astatine a firm aliases assemblage level.

The caller co-head of DC Studios is presently retired promoting Marvel Studios’ “Guardians of nan Galaxy Vol. 3” which deed cinemas astir nan globe this weekend.

After that, he’ll proceed to activity connected “Superman: Legacy” complete astatine DC Studios, and confirmed successful a tweet coming that an character from nan ‘Guardians’ franchise will person a domiciled successful his caller “Superman” movie – but won’t elaborate successful which character aliases role.

Speaking pinch Yahoo Entertainment astir nan trouble of juggling his Marvel property commitments pinch his imaginative DC commitments, he says he doesn’t find jumping betwixt nan 2 to beryllium odd:

“It’s not odd. It isn’t overseas astatine all, not to meI understand really it appears, but I’m conscionable engaged origin I’m moving 2 jobs astatine 1 time. But it’s not odd.

People person this weird belief that Marvel and DC dislike each different aliases someway are polar opposites. But it’s conscionable not nan truth. I mean, listen, man, our occupation is nan same. We want to get group into nan theaters to spot movies. That’s what matters.

And I deliberation that we activity together to do that. And nan much bully Marvel movies are, nan amended it is for DC movies. The much bully DC movies, nan amended it is for Marvel movies.

There’s not only 1 winner. There tin beryllium 2 winners because it matters who goes to spot your movies and who enjoys ’em.”

Gunn antecedently wrote that Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige was his first telephone erstwhile he landed nan DC job.

Meanwhile The Wrap reports that Gunn turned successful nan first draught of “Superman: Legacy” past week, conscionable days earlier nan writer’s strike.

Casting connected nan task is now underway, and filming isn’t expected to beryllium disrupted arsenic nan movie won’t statesman shooting until February adjacent year, pinch pre-production having only conscionable commenced.