Greta Gerwig Said ‘Oh, God No!’ When Asked If ‘Barbie’ Should Use CGI for Actors’ Arched Feet: ‘That’s Terrifying. That’s a Nightmare’ |

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The much-maligned “Cats” movie philharmonic caused nan net to suffer its mind aft a ocular effects editor connected nan movie confirmed that CGI was utilized to adhd buttholes to each of nan feline characters. The “butthole cut,” as it became known connected societal media, was yet scrapped by nan studio. It’s now been revealed that nan upcoming “Barbie” movie flirted pinch its ain imaginable CGI disaster, arsenic writer-director Greta Gerwig unopen down early discussions that would’ve had her actors sporting CGI feet since Barbie is known for her arched heels.

“There was a large chat successful nan beginning,” Gerwig said connected Australia’s “The Project.” “Everyone said, ‘Are you going to CGI each nan feet?’ And I thought, ‘Oh god, no! That’s terrifying! That’s a nightmare.’ Also Margot has nan nicest feet. She has these beautiful dancer feet. She should conscionable bent connected to that barroom and do it conscionable for illustration this.”

The charismatic trailer for “Barbie” originates pinch a changeable of Robbie stepping retired of her high-heel slippers to uncover her bare feet are still arched and fresh to beryllium slipped into immoderate adjacent footwear accessory awaits. Robbie refused to usage a ft double for nan infinitesimal and held connected to a barroom disconnected camera to stabilize her balance.

As revealed in a caller Time mag screen story on nan making of “Barbie”: “The changeable took 8 takes. [Margot Robbie] had to clasp onto a barroom to support her feet flexed. And, yes, those are her feet. ‘I really don’t for illustration it erstwhile personification other does my hands aliases feet successful an insert shot,’ she says.”

Ensuring nan Barbie characters had arched feet each went into Gerwig’s scheme to seizure her ain acquisition pinch nan doll increasing up.

“Even though it’s this immense movie, it feels very individual to me,” Gerwig said connected “The Project.” “It was made by truthful galore group who cared astir it. Even nan Barbie logo that we utilized is nan logo that I had arsenic a kid of nan ’80s. I would guidelines successful nan artifact store…we had nan wide boxes because their hairsbreadth was really big. I wanted nan [logo] that I liked.”

“Barbie” opens successful theaters nationwide July 21 from Warner Bros.