‘Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies,’ ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Among Four Shows Canceled at Paramount+, Will Be Pulled Off Streamer | instastori.com

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“The Game,” “Grease: Rise of nan Pink Ladies,” “Star Trek: Prodigy,” and “Queen of nan Universe” person each been canceled astatine Paramount+. In addition, each 4 shows are group to beryllium removed from nan streaming work successful nan coming days.

“The Paramount+ bid ‘Grease: Rise of nan Pink Ladies,’ ‘Star Trek: Prodigy,’ ‘Queen of nan Universe’ and ‘The Game’ person completed their runs connected Paramount+ and will not beryllium returning to nan service,” a Paramount+ spokesperson said. “We want to widen our acknowledgment to our tremendously talented formed and unit and our producing partners for their passionate activity and dedication connected these programs, and we wish them each nan champion connected their early endeavors.”

News of nan cancellations and consequent removals comes conscionable days up of nan motorboat of nan unified work Paramount+ pinch Showtime, which will debut connected June 27. Showtime shows for illustration “Dexter,” “Yellowjackets,” “Billions,” and galore much will past beryllium disposable to each subscribers.

According to an individual pinch knowledge of nan removals, nan determination was data-driven, though Paramount did not stock immoderate circumstantial information that highlighted why these shows are being canceled and removed. It is nan latest example, however, of streamers removing contented from their platforms. Warner Bros. Discovery led nan complaint connected such removals astatine Max nether nan activity of David Zaslav, while different platforms for illustration Disney+ and Hulu person precocious followed suit.

The cancellation of “Star Trek: Prodigy,” nan first animated kids show successful nan “Star Trek” universe, comes contempt nan truth that nan show was renewed for a 2nd season backmost successful 2021. According to an individual pinch knowledge of nan situation, though nan show had aired connected Nickelodeon successful summation to Paramount+, it will not beryllium returning to Nickelodeon either. Those connected nan show will complete post-production connected Season 2 and past CBS Studios will beryllium free to shop it to different outlets.

CBS Studios will besides beryllium free to shop “The Game,” nan revival of nan CW/BET bid of nan aforesaid name. The revival has aired 2 seasons connected Paramount+.

“Grease: Rise of nan Pink Ladies” debuted its 1 and only play connected Paramount+ backmost successful April. The show serves arsenic a prequel to nan deed philharmonic movie and shape show “Grease.” It was primitively developed astatine Max (formerly HBO Max) earlier it was ordered to bid astatine Paramount+ backmost successful 2020. Paramount Television Studios will shop nan bid to different outlets.

“Queen of nan Universe” was a resistance singing title bid from World of Wonder, nan aforesaid institution that produces nan “RuPaul’s Drag Race” franchise. The last 4 episodes debuted connected June 22 and nan show will beryllium removed from Paramount+ connected June 30.