Gloves Up Entertainment, Latos Entertainment Option ‘The Great Gamble,’ Board Elise Finnerty’s ‘It Comes Back’ (EXCLUSIVE) |

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David Schuster’s Gloves Up Entertainment and Dennis Latos’ Latos Entertainment person collaborated to action David L. Bluder’s novel, “The Great Gamble.” They will besides nutrient nan psychological scary film, “It Comes Back” pinch Elise Finnerty group to direct.  Schuster (HBO’s “The Survivor”) and Latos (Tribeca winning short, “Leylak”) will create and nutrient nan projects jointly wrong each of their ain respective banners. Additionally, nan duo is processing respective different high-profile projects and are expanding their catalogue of intelligence spot successful nan movie and tv space.

According to nan charismatic description: “‘The Great Gamble’ follows two FBI agents who embark connected a classified cognition arsenic they begin uncovering nan deceptive and corrupt beingness of gambling and sports betting previously hidden from nan eyes of fans successful nan United States.”  The caller was published by Ice Cube Press successful March 2020. 

Bluder, nan book’s author, was a banker, politician, business owner, and investor earlier turning to writing.

“’The Great Gamble’ captivated america from nan infinitesimal we publication it.  David is an inimitable storyteller who takes readers connected an unforgettable thrust done nan acheronian broadside of sports gambling, said Schuster and Latos.”  “We’re thrilled to beryllium producing Elise’s caller film, ‘It Comes Back.’  She is simply a talented filmmaker pinch a caller and frightening return connected nan genre.  These 2 projects are fantabulous examples of nan divers types of contented that we’ll beryllium producing together successful nan scripted and unscripted space.”

“It Comes Back” is simply a female driven psychological scary film.  Finnerty co-wrote nan movie pinch Estelle Girard Parks of Red Booth Productions. The communicative revolves astir a woman’s travel to face a haunting truth from her childhood. Principal photography is group to return spot successful Vermont successful September 2023. Schuster will executive nutrient pinch Latos. Finnerty and Girard Parks are group to produce. Nicolas Alvo, and Orr Koren are besides attached to produce. It will beryllium Finnerty’s 2nd directorial feature, pursuing her debut film, “The Ones You Didn’t Burn,” which will watercourse connected Shudder successful Fall 2023.