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Specialty supplier Gkids has picked up North American authorities to board Yoko Kuno and Nobuhiro Yamashita’s upcoming animated characteristic “Ghost Cat Anzu,” while Paris-based Charades has boarded nan task for world sales. 

Spearheaded by Miyu Productions and Shin-Ei Animation, and adapted from a manga by Takashi Imashiro, nan family title tracks nan tempestuous relationship shared betwixt 11-year Karin, a strong-minded woman sent to unrecorded pinch her monk granddad successful nan Japanese countryside, and Anzu, nan even-more unpredictable phantom feline who acts arsenic her guardian.

The task will surface arsenic a work-in-progress position astatine this year’s Annecy Animation Festival, and is slated for merchandise successful 2024.

“From nan infinitesimal we saw nan first drawings and publication nan script, we knew we needed to beryllium attached and thief get this movie into nan world,” says Gkids head Eric Beckman. “We are immense fans of Yoku Kuno’s animation, of Shin-Ei, and of each nan imaginative useful that Miyu champions, [and we have] worked together pinch Charades connected aggregate titles from some France and Japan, truthful this was conscionable a awesome fresh each around.”

‘Ghost Cat Anzu’ Miyu Productions

“Ghost Cat Anzu” marks an animated alteration of gait for co-director Nobuhiro Yamashita, champion known for his auteurist shaggy-dog features and for helming respective episodes of “Midnight Diner,” and a measurement up for acclaimed illustrator Yoko Kuno, who marks her characteristic directorial debut pinch nan project. Kuno will beryllium on-hand successful Annecy to locomotion attendees done an unconventional production, which saw nan filmmakers first sprout nan full movie successful unrecorded action earlier utilizing those elements for rotoscoped animation.

“This is simply a movie afloat of yokai and demons… but successful nan sprout they were each played by humans,” Kuno says. “Which is precisely why I want to sphere each of their very quality sweetness, eccentricity, and analyzable emotions successful nan drawn world. The mounting is an mean Japanese countryside town, but by combining nan accumulation abilities of Japan and France, I’m definite we’ll create a world that’s moreover caller to Japanese eyes.”

Indeed, Shin-Ei’s Michihiko Umezawa and Miyu’s Emmanuel-Alain Raynal some hint astatine further world partnerships.

“By bringing together France and Japan pinch nan United States, nan 3 top nations successful animation, we are delighted to show that caller collaborations are possible, creating caller territories of ocular and communicative expression, and helping to make animated techniques an ever much lasting portion of modern cinema history,” says Raynal.

‘Ghost Cat Anzu’ Miyu Productions