Gilroy Says No “Rogue One” Extended Cut |

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One movie that galore group would beryllium funny to spot nan original type of is “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”.

Gareth Edwards directed nan project, nan first “Star Wars” spin-off film, which released a teaser that included footage of respective scenes that didn’t make it into nan last feature, including immoderate really striking shots from nan film’s cinematographer Greig Fraser.

The accumulation famously underwent 5 weeks of reshoots pinch “Andor” creator/showrunner Tony Gilroy taking complete to re-write parts of Gary Whitta’s book and oversee nan further filming.

Considering really overmuch was filmed for nan project, there’s agelong been plentifulness of questions regarding what Edwards’ original trim looked like, what scenes were reworked aliases excised by Gilroy, and whether immoderate of it could’ve made a bully movie better.

Gilroy was precocious asked by THR if a bigger and amended type of “Rogue One” could look someday:

“Uh, no. That was nan absolute champion imaginable type you could ever have. Oh my God. No. No. I’m not going to spell into immoderate much detail. But nan much authority that you perceive group talk astir online astir what happened connected that movie, nan little they know. That’s each that needs to beryllium said. Maybe someday… but no. That’s nan absolute champion type of that movie that you could perchance ideate successful nan clip that was given.”

According to nan waste and acquisition character Ben Mendelsohn, who played Director Orson Krennic successful nan film, antecedently teased that location were up to 20 aliases 30 scenes pinch “enormously different renderings”. Thus nan closest we’ll ever spot to an alternate trim is arguably that original trailer earlier Gilroy came connected board.

The talk comes arsenic Gilroy is filming nan 2nd and last play of “Andor” successful nan UK up of a 2024 premiere. Edwards is returning to nan sci-fi genre pinch Disney’s “The Creator”, which has received beardown buzz retired of CinemaCon.