Gilroy On “Rogue One” Cameos In “Andor” S2 |

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“Ahsoka” is readying for an August debut, “Skeleton Crew” is done and fresh for merchandise later this year, and “The Acolyte” reportedly precocious wrapped filming – meaning plentifulness of “Star Wars” TV bid are connected nan measurement to support everyone occupied for nan adjacent year.

However, 1 accumulation still successful nan useful is “Andor,” which began shooting its 2nd play successful November and was primitively slated to support filming done August. Gilroy has since stepped distant and past period reportedly hasn’t visited nan show’s group since nan onslaught began.

Considered nan champion live-action “Star Wars” bid of nan caller era by critics, nan bid is designed from nan get-go arsenic a two-season and done communicative – meaning nan 2nd play of 12 episodes will beryllium nan last.

Teasing what’s to travel successful a caller EW question and reply (via The Direct), showrunner Tony Gilroy confirms much “Rogue One” characters are astir to commencement popping up successful nan communicative on pinch events fans of nan lore will beryllium acquainted with:

“Of course. Yeah, I mean, yes. The reply is yes. There are immoderate that are inevitable. There are immoderate that are surprising. There are immoderate that we astir apt can’t get for various reasons… But, you kinda cognize who’s successful nan stew there. You surely cognize who’s gonna beryllium connected Yavin 4.[Cassian] and Mon Mothma person a segment together successful ‘Rogue [One].’ So yeah… And nan calendar’s inevitable, successful immoderate ways, for nan group successful this convention, for nan group who really cognize these 5 years, location are immoderate large events connected nan almanac that we person to salary attraction to. And we will.”

Of those confirmed to show up, Alan Tudyk’s droid K-2SO and Saw Gerrera’s offsider Moroff are some expected to show up, but Felicity Jones’ Jyn Erso won’t be, according to nan character herself.

For now, nan 2nd play of “Andor” is still connected way for a precocious 2024 premiere.