Garth Brooks Will Serve Bud Light at New Nashville Bar Amid Transphobic Backlash: ‘If You’re an Asshole, There Are Plenty of Other Places’ |

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Garth Brooks’ caller Nashville barroom and honky-tonk Friends successful Low Places is opening this summertime — and nan state prima is sharing that everyone is welcome… isolated from assholes.

During a sheet speech astatine Billboard Country Live, Brooks shared his thoughts by alluding to a transphobic boycott of Bud Light, aft nan institution enlisted transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney for a trading campaign.

“I want it to beryllium a spot you consciousness safe in. I want it to beryllium a spot wherever you consciousness for illustration location are manners and group for illustration 1 another,” Brooks said astir his caller business. “And yes, we’re going to service each marque of beer. We conscionable are. It’s not our determination to make. Our point is this: if you [are let] into this house, emotion 1 another. If you’re an asshole, location are plentifulness of different places connected little Broadway.”

In summation to immoderate customers refusing to bargain Bud Light, a number of bars person suspended their distribution of nan beer. Musicians John Rich and Kid Rock, who some ain ample bars connected Broadway successful Nashville, person stopped trading Bud Light.

The state prima has a agelong history of allyship pinch nan LGBTQ community. In 1992, Brooks released “We Shall Be Free,” a opus condemning homophobia and racism.

“‘We Shall Be Free’ is decidedly and easy nan astir arguable opus I person ever done. A opus of love, a opus of tolerance from personification who claims not to beryllium a prophet but conscionable an mean man,” Brooks wrote connected “The Chase” CD booklet. “I ne'er thought location would beryllium immoderate problems pinch this song. Sometimes nan roads we return do not move retired to beryllium nan roads we envisioned them to be. All I tin opportunity astir ‘We Shall Be Free” is that I will guidelines by each statement of this opus arsenic agelong arsenic I live. I americium very proud of it.”

Friends successful Low Places Bar & Honky-Tonk is group to unfastened later this summer.