Gal Gadot Says Controversial Cleopatra Film Will ‘Change the Narrative’ of the Queen ‘Simply Being a Seductor’ |

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Gal Gadot is moving guardant pinch her Cleopatra movie, and she precocious told Vogue Hong Kong that it will “change nan narrative” astir nan humanities figure.

“Israel borders Egypt, and I grew up pinch truthful galore stories astir Cleopatra, and she’s for illustration a family name,” Gadot said. “You know, if Wonder Woman is nan imaginary beardown female leader, Cleopatra’s really nan existent one. That’s a cleanable illustration of a communicative that I wanted to show because I started reference different books astir Cleopatra, and I said, ‘Wow, that’s fascinating.’ All I ever saw successful regards to Cleopatra from movie was that she was this seductive female who had an matter pinch Julius Caesar and Marc Anthony. But nan truth is, there’s truthful overmuch much to her.”

“This female was truthful up of her time,” Gadot continued. “Egypt and what Egypt was backmost then, was still futuristic to wherever we are today. I can’t opportunity much. But to me, I’m truthful passionate to show her communicative and to bring justness to this character, and her bequest and observe her and her legacy. We person a beautiful script, and I cannot hold to stock this communicative pinch nan world and alteration nan communicative of Cleopatra simply being a seductor.”

Gadot’s Cleopatra movie was primitively expected to beryllium directed by her “Wonder Woman” and “Wonder Woman 1984” helmer Patty Jenkins, but she dropped retired of nan task and was replaced by “The Falcon and nan Winter Solider” head Kari Skogland. The task was first announced successful December 2020 and generated contention owed to Gadot’s casting arsenic nan Egyptian queen. The “Wonder Woman” prima is an Israeli character playing a mixed title humanities figure. The outrage mirrored nan whitewashing of casting Elizabeth Taylor arsenic Cleopatra successful Joseph L. Mankiewicz’s eponymous 1963 film.

In a December 2020 question and reply pinch BBC Arabic, Gadot defended her casting by saying, “First of all, if you want to beryllium existent to nan facts past Cleopatra was Macedonian. We were looking for a Macedonian character that could fresh Cleopatra. She wasn’t there, and I was very passionate astir Cleopatra.”

“I person friends from crossed nan globe, whether they’re Muslims aliases Christian aliases Catholic aliases atheist aliases Buddhist, aliases Jewish of course,” Gadot continued astatine nan time. “People are people, and pinch maine I want to observe nan bequest of Cleopatra and grant this astonishing historical icon that I respect truthful much…You know, anybody tin make this movie and anybody tin spell up and do it. I’m very passionate that I’m going to do my ain too.”

Gadot told InStyle magazine in January 2022 that her Cleopatra movie would “show not conscionable really sexy and appealing she was, but really strategical and smart, and really overmuch effect she had and still has connected nan world we’re surviving successful today.”

 “I consciousness for illustration we’re telling nan communicative nan world needs to perceive now,” Gadot added.

There’s presently nary connection connected erstwhile nan Cleopatra movie will move into production.