Fox News Settles Grossberg Harassment Lawsuit for $12 Million |

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Fox News agreed to salary $12 cardinal to Abby Grossberg, a erstwhile shaper for Tucker Carlson and Maria Bartiromo, who alleged nan Fox Corp.-backed outlet had coerced her into providing mendacious testimony successful a deposition related to a caller defamation suit levied by Dominion Voting Systems arsenic good arsenic operating a dispute and discriminatory workplace.

In her suit, revenge successful nan Southern District of nan State of New York earlier this year, Grossberg alleged she was harassed and forced to springiness inaccurate accusation successful nan Dominion matter, which Fox agreed to settee for $787.5 cardinal successful April.

Parisis G. Filippatos, an lawyer for Grossberg, did not respond instantly to a query seeking comment. “We are pleased that we person been capable to resoluteness this matter without further litigation,” Fox News said successful a statement.

Grossberg had alleged that Fox News attorneys tried to “coach, manipulate, and coerce Ms. Grossberg to present shaded and/or incomplete answers during her sworn deposition testimony, which answers were intelligibly to her reputational detriment but greatly benefitted Fox News.” She besides claimed that she was forced to activity successful a difficult activity environment, 1 wherever Carlson staffers regularly made crude remarks astir women and Jews.

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