First-Look Images for Cristian Ponce’s Rain-Soaked Horror ‘A Mother’s Embrace’: ‘There is Mud… and Eventually Blood’ (EXCLUSIVE) |

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Brazil’s Lupa Filmes has revealed first-look images for Cristian Ponce’s upcoming endurance scary “A Mother’s Embrace” up of its front astatine Cannes’ Fantastic Pavilion, wherever genre manufacture professionals will besides beryllium treated to nan sneak highest of nan trailer.

Previously down animated webseries “The Kirlian Frequency”, acquired by Netflix, successful 2020 Ponce directed large breakout “History of nan Occult,” which marked his characteristic debut. The movie was described arsenic nan highest-rated scary movie of 2021 connected Letterboxd’s Year successful Review roundup, arsenic voted by users of nan movie standing societal platform.

Set successful 1996, during 1 of nan biggest storms to ever deed Rio de Janeiro, “A Mother’s Embrace” will spot a squad of firefighters trying to evacuate a nursing location astatine consequence of collapsing. But its mysterious residents person different plans.

“Rio is known for its lukewarm upwind and beaches, but it besides has this history of tropical storms and floods. When it rains, it pours,” says shaper André Pereira. In 2017, he earned his scary stripes pinch “The Trace We Leave Behind” (“O Rastro”).

“We wanted this rainfall to consciousness different. Different from really it feels, say, successful North American films. Here, rainfall is weird, it’s still basking and humid. For our constitution department, it meant a batch of sweat. Luckily, Cristian was ever saying that he didn’t want these characters to beryllium excessively pristine. In our film, rainfall is not soothing. It doesn’t make things amended – it conscionable makes them worse.”

“One of our biggest influences is John Carpenter, who ever tells stories astir group stuck successful immoderate places they cannot escape,” adds nan director. Not conscionable that – isolated from nan mayhem happening outside, his characters are trying to prevention strangers that don’t really want to beryllium saved.

“We effort to create our ain mythology here. You could opportunity that these people, who shape a cult, are trying to unrecorded a ‘better’ life. But what it intends tin beryllium very subjective.” 

While not needfully focusing connected gore and favoring nan increasing consciousness of dread, arsenic good arsenic notions of paranoia, belief and existentialism, things will get dicey successful nan 3rd act, he adds. 

“There is mud… and yet blood.”

Cristian Ponce connected set Credit: Bruno Mello

The film, group complete nan people of 1 nighttime – “Which translated to six weeks of nighttime shoots. Our actors had to spell done conscionable astir everything,” laughs Pereira – vanished main photography astatine nan opening of May. Marjorie Estiano, known for play bid “Under Pressure” and Locarno victor “Good Manners,” Chandelly Braz, Javier Drolas, Maria Volpe, Mel Nunes aliases Reynaldo Machado star.

Ponce, himself hailing from Argentina, and Pereira – who some co-wrote nan book pinch Gabriela Capello – underline that nan movie represents a “true collaboration successful Latin American genre.” Mexican Morbido Group’s Pablo Guisa Koestinger is besides connected committee arsenic co-producer.

“This week, you tin spot ‘Guardians of nan Galaxy Vol. 3’ successful each state successful Latin America. If we want to find an assemblage for our section films too, it’s easier to shape an alliance,” notes Ponce.

“It’s a bully strategy, but what we besides sewage retired of it was this consciousness of brotherhood. Argentina and Brazil, we really person a batch successful communal and we didn’t cognize that earlier we started to collaborate.”

Pereira agrees: “It’s clip to break these borders because ultimately, we are truthful similar. At first, we were looking astatine each other, besides pinch [executive producer] Mariana Muniz, thinking: ‘Is this going to work?’ Soon, our charismatic connection connected group was Portuñol,” he says.  

“It was a privilege to person this speech and we want to do moreover much successful nan future. For us, nan full constituent of making scary films successful Latin America is astir bringing these different points of position and taste practice into our stories.”

A Mother’s Embrace Courtesy of Lupa Filmes