Fire Broke Out On Warner Bros. Lot |

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Warner Bros. Pictures

A occurrence collapsed retired astatine nan Warner Bros workplace batch successful Burbank, California connected Friday aft an electrical transformer blew. The occurrence section was swiftly called and nan occurrence was subsequently put out.

Burbank Fire Department Battalion Chief Dave Burke tells Deadline nan telephone came astatine 1:38pm US-PT and nan occurrence was extinguished wrong 30 minutes.

Witnesses reported nan sound of an detonation and powerfulness was astatine slightest partially retired connected nan lot. There was nary harm to buildings and nary injuries reported.

It was not believed to person been a deliberate act, and and is being labelled an accident. Images and video online person shown acheronian fume emerging from nan lot.

The occurrence comes up of nan first existent surge of power successful Southern California this Summer while nan valleys astir Los Angeles could spot triple-digits Fahrenheit.

Fire has impacted Warner Bros. tons before, astir notably backmost successful nan early 2000s erstwhile a occurrence destroyed a sound shape astatine nan Warner Bros. Movie World Studios connected nan Gold Coast successful Australia during accumulation of 2005’s “House of Wax”. The harm successful that incident was said to beryllium much than AUD $10 million.

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