Fire Breaks Out on Warner Bros. Lot, No Injuries Reported as Firemen Put Out the Blaze |

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An electrical occurrence astatine Warner Bros. near a unreality of fume billowing complete nan Burbank lot, but luckily firefighters were capable to quickly incorporate nan blaze. There were nary injuries, according to an individual acquainted pinch nan incident.

The occurrence was first reported by nan Citizen app, which had video of nan smoke, arsenic good arsenic a caption that said, “Firefighters study a burning transformer and are moving to incorporate nan blaze.” The station besides said that “Firefighters study that a powerfulness outage has occurred aft an explosive sound.”

It appears to person been caused by a powerfulness transformer that busted, according to nan source, and location is nary grounds that it was nan consequence of arson aliases foul play. The occurrence section connected nan Warners batch sewage nan occurrence nether control. The Burbank Fire Department soon arrived, but nan blaze had mostly gone retired erstwhile they arrived. The Burbank batch knowledgeable astatine slightest a partial powerfulness outage.

It’s unclear really overmuch harm was sustained, but it appears to person been minimal and contained to nan building connected nan batch wherever nan occurrence started.

Twitter users adjacent nan segment posted pictures of nan blaze to societal media.

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