Final Tony Awards Predictions 2023: Competitive Races and Nonbinary Representation Bring Excitement to Broadway’s Biggest Night |

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UPDATED: June 8, 2023

Weekly Commentary: The Tonys whitethorn not look nan aforesaid owed to nan WGA strike, but we tin still observe nan emotion of Broadway pinch imaginable history happening successful much ways than one.

“Some Like It Hot,” which has euphony icon Mariah Carey arsenic 1 of its producers, could supply a pathway to a imaginable upset for champion musical, successful nan mode of “Avenue Q” complete “Wicked” successful 2004 aliases “Kinky Boots” complete “Matilda nan Musical” successful 2013.

Its star, J. Harrison Ghee, and Alex Newell for “Shucked,” are nan first openly nonbinary actors nominated and they look to go nan first winners to boot.

Does anyone retrieve erstwhile Jodie Comer won nan Emmy grant successful a stunning upset for “Killing Eve” successful 2019? Could we spot a akin result astatine nan Tonys, pinch Comer winning for “Prima Facie” arsenic she faces disconnected against Jessica Chastain for “A Doll’s House?”

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The 76th Annual Tony Awards are scheduled for June 11, 2023, astatine nan United Palace successful New York City. It will aerial connected CBS and Paramount+ and produced by Ricky Kirshner and Glenn Weiss, pinch nan second besides serving arsenic nan director.