Filming Begins On “IT” Prequel Series |

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Filmmaker Andy Muschietti has confirmed that filming has officially begun connected “Welcome to Derry,” nan upcoming prequel bid to his two-film adjustment of Stephen King’s “IT”.

The director, who besides helmed adjacent month’s “The Flash” movie for Warner Bros. Pictures, showcased a photograph of a windowed doorway pinch nan sanction ‘Clint Bowers: Chief of Police’ painted connected nan glass. What looks for illustration a mini agency tin beryllium seen blurred down it.

The surname Bowers is familiar, suggesting he’s related to nan bully Henry Bowers played by Nicholas Hamilton successful nan first movie and Teach Grant successful nan second. He’s not Henry’s begetter though arsenic that character, Oscar Bowers, who was antecedently played by Stuart Hughes. Oscar would beryllium astir precocious 20s successful this period. Quite perchance is Clint is Oscar’s father.

The ten-episode bid will reportedly unfold successful nan eponymous Maine town, bordering an Air Force guidelines pinch a mysterious ‘Special Projects’ bunker, successful nan early 1960s.

In nan series, 4 friends group retired successful hunt of a friend of theirs who vanished mysteriously. The bid will besides spell much into nan origins of Pennywise nan Clown.

Taylour Paige, Jovan Adepo, Chris Chalk, Stephen Rider, and James Remar will each prima successful nan series. Pennywise operates connected a twenty-seven-year rhythm betwixt appearances, meaning this will screen nan rhythm earlier nan 1 pinch nan kids successful nan first “IT” movie successful precocious 1988/1989.

Muschietti, who directed some films, will service arsenic executive shaper for nan bid alongside Barbara Muschietti and Jason Fuchs. All 3 developed nan communicative for nan show, pinch Fuchs penning nan book and Andy Muschietti will nonstop aggregate episodes of nan series, including nan first episode.

Fuchs and Brad Caleb Kane will service arsenic co-showrunners connected nan task which is being produced for HBO Max and Warner Bros. Television. Filming is expected to proceed done to December.

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