FIFTY FIFTY on Going Viral With ‘Cupid,’ U.S. Success and Their K-Pop Idols   |

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Until now, world occurrence for K-pop acts has mostly travel done monolithic conglomerates for illustration YG Entertainment and HYBE. That each changed erstwhile indie explanation Attrakt (stylized arsenic ATTRAKT) rolled retired an innovative campaign for their nascent woman group Fifty Fifty (stylized FIFTY FIFTY) centered connected highlighting nan members’ individual talents and reaching arsenic galore fans arsenic imaginable by releasing aggregate versions of their caller azygous “Cupid.” 

An English connection type of nan opus — dubbed nan “Twin Version” — went atomic connected TikTok and Fifty Fifty recovered themselves pinch a world hit. This week, “Cupid” surges to No. 19 connected nan Billboard Hot 100, making them only nan 2nd K-pop woman group to ace nan apical 20 aft Blackpink.

With “Cupid” making a historical floor plan run, Fifty Fifty’s members are still coming to position pinch their meteoric success. Saena, Aran, Sio and Keena kindly agreed to reply immoderate questions astir really their runaway smash has changed their lives, nan promotion circuit and nan K-pop groups they look up to.

How do you consciousness astir “Cupid” being a monolithic world success?

Saena: I americium grateful to each those who emotion our euphony and beryllium that euphony tin bring america together, sloppy of our different thoughts, feelings, and cultures. However, this is simply nan start, and we will effort our champion to support improving and bring you exceptional music.

Aran: We’re thrilled and truthful grateful that nan results person exceeded our expectations! We’ll time off nary chromatic unturned successful ensuring nan group lives up to everyone’s expectations and keeps connected exceeding them.

Sio: We can’t convey you capable for your emotion and support for our music! We’ll enactment focused connected making much awesome tunes for each our fans retired there.

Keena: We were blown distant and truthful grateful erstwhile we heard that truthful galore of you had listened to our song! To beryllium honest, it was overwhelming and difficult to judge that each this was happening. That’s why we beryllium it each to our fans, and we’re committed to creating moreover amended euphony to springiness backmost nan emotion we’ve received.

Have your lives changed since “Cupid” was released?

Saena: Honestly, it’s still sinking successful for maine because truthful galore group person been showing america emotion and wanting to cognize much astir us. I consciousness for illustration I’m getting utilized to this caller reality, and I’m incredibly grateful for each nan chances to believe and prosecute successful different promotional activities. Of course, there’s a batch connected my mind, but nary matter what, I’m wished to support pushing ahead.

Aran: What stood retired to maine astatine first was really nan group astir america responded. They were genuinely proud of america for making meaningful progress, and that brought a large grin to my face.

Sio: While I don’t deliberation it’s made a monolithic quality astatine this point, it’s still heartening to cognize that my family and friends are proud of maine and happy for me.

Keena: I deliberation I’ve go much responsible lately, and I’ve made a committedness to myself to create moreover much heartfelt and high-quality euphony for each our astonishing HUNNIES who’ve shown america truthful overmuch emotion and support pinch “Cupid.”

Which K-pop groups do you look up to?

Saena: I really respect K-pop groups successful general, but Blackpink holds a typical spot successful my heart. The measurement each personnel shines connected their ain and arsenic a squad is conscionable incredible. We dream of creating our ain unsocial vibe for illustration Blackpink and dream to make a people successful nan K-pop segment someday.

Aran: It’s difficult to prime conscionable one, but Girls’ Generation stands retired to maine because of nan unthinkable passion and emotion they convey connected stage.

Sio: Thanks to my parents, I was exposed to 2NE1’s euphony from a young age, and I’ve been a instrumentality ever since. Their chopped style is what drew maine to them.

Keena: Although it’s reliable to take conscionable one, Red Velvet is nan first K-pop group that comes to mind for me. Their capacity videos were a immense thief to maine erstwhile I was preparing for my end-of-month information arsenic a trainee.

What did you deliberation erstwhile “Twin Version” went viral astir nan world?

Aran: To beryllium honest, I ne'er expected nan copy type to rustle up for illustration this! But successful hindsight, I deliberation it was a smart move to grounds nan copy version, fixed nan divers scope of languages retired there.

Sio: When we were moving connected nan copy version, our main extremity was to make nan connection of “Cupid” much understandable for arsenic galore folks arsenic we could. And we’re happy to opportunity that our strategy worked for illustration a charm!

Are you excited to execute and beforehand nan opus successful nan U.S.?

Saena: It’s specified a thrill! As soon arsenic we get nan chance, we’re eager to meet our fans and bring our euphony to life successful beforehand of them.

Aran: Absolutely! Knowing that our euphony and shows are resonating pinch truthful galore group is what keeps america going.

Sio: We’re ace excited to person nan opportunity to meet our fans successful nan U.S. and stock our songs pinch them successful person. Meeting fans and promoting Fifty Fifty wherever location are group who emotion our euphony is thing we can’t hold to do!