Ezra Miller Harassment Protective Order Lifted in Massachusetts, ‘The Flash’ Star Slams Media For ‘Chasing Clicks’ | instastori.com

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A impermanent protective bid successful Massachusetts against Ezra Miller, nan embattled prima of “The Flash,” was lifted connected Friday. Miller was accused of acting inappropriately astir nan 12-year aged kid of Shannon Guin, a Massachusetts woman, and of menacing her family.

“I’m encouraged by today’s result and very grateful astatine this infinitesimal to everyone who has stood beside maine and sought to guarantee that this egregious misuse of nan protective bid strategy was halted,” Miller wrote successful a connection connected Instagram.

Miller, who uses they/them pronouns and identifies arsenic nonbinary, never faced criminal charges. In their Instagram statement, Miller based on that nan protective bid issued against them was being “used arsenic weapons by those seeking attraction aliases fleeting tabloid fame aliases immoderate benignant of individual vengeance erstwhile location are group successful existent and dire request of these services.”

Miller besides faulted nan property sum of nan incident. “I implore those members of nan media who person recklessly dispersed mendacious claims and grounded to accurately study nan truth and discourse of this story, to clasp themselves to a higher modular and return nan clip to find nan facts, alternatively than chasing nan clicks,” Miller added.

“The Flash” prima has been embroiled successful respective different controversies successful caller years. In 2020, video emerged depicting Miller arsenic they look to be choking a woman outside of a barroom successful Iceland. No charges were filed. The character was besides arrested doubly successful Hawaii for disorderly behaviour and harassment. Miller pled nary title to a azygous count of misdemeanor disorderly conduct, paying a $500 fine. The harassment complaint successful Hawaii was dismissed. In 2022, Miller was charged with felony burglary in Vermont aft constabulary investigated their engagement pinch a robbery astatine a backstage residence.

In 2022, Miller apologized for their behaviour and announced that they were “suffering [from] analyzable intelligence wellness issues” and had begun treatment. The nationalist relations scandal, however, overshadowed nan merchandise and promotional run of “The Flash,” a DC comics adjustment that flopped astatine nan container agency erstwhile it opened this summer. Miller gave nary property interviews successful nan lead-up to nan film’s debut.

In their Instagram statement, Miller wrote, “On a individual note, I want everyone to cognize that I americium continuing to do my champion to sphere my ain wellness and what I tin to reverse nan collateral
damage this ordeal has brought upon maine and those adjacent to me.”