European Writers Stage Solidarity Protest Outside Motion Picture Association’s Brussels HQ |

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Writers person staged a protestation extracurricular nan Motion Picture Association of America’s (MPAA) European office successful solidarity pinch nan WGA.

A number of writers including Jennifer Davidson, nan chair of Writers Guild of Ireland, and “Blasts From nan Past” writer and head Hugh Farley participated successful nan protestation successful Brussels connected Thursday evening, wherever it is understood nan MPAA were holding a “social arena for manufacture reps and friends,” according to a source.

“What other are you going to do erstwhile you’re successful Brussels pinch a bunch of writers guilds?!” Davidson tweeted on pinch photos and videos of nan gathering.

The protestation was organized by nan Federation of Screenwriters successful Europe, an umbrella statement representing associations, guilds and unions of audiovisual writers crossed Europe. Members see Britain’s WGGB, France’s Guilde Française des Scénaristes and Italy’s Writers Guild Italia.

At slightest a twelve protestors seemed to beryllium coming extracurricular nan MPAA’s EMEA offices successful Brussels holding placards printed pinch nan motto “I guidelines pinch nan WGA” and “FSE stands pinch American Screenwriters.”

Members of nan MPAA see Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Netflix Studios, Warner Bros. Entertainment, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Universal.

Most world writers organizations person travel retired successful support of nan WGA, who are presently connected onslaught amid negotiations pinch nan Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP). The WGA has besides urged writers overseas to debar taking connected caller activity for struck companies, moreover wherever those writers are not members of nan Guild.

Pictured above: writers protesting successful L.A. connected May 8