Eras Tour Opener Owenn on Touring With Taylor Swift, Looking Back at Starring in ‘Lover’ Music Video |

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Eras Tour opener Christian Owens, who goes by nan shape sanction Owenn, says he was successful nan signaling workplace “in nan womb.”

Granted, his mom was a Sony-signed creator and portion of nan 1990s group Lyric. Given his mother’s background, euphony was ever astir him.

Owenn said pinch Variety complete Zoom successful his edifice room having conscionable arrived successful Chicago for his 2nd extremity on Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. His adjacent time is jam-packed, starting astatine 7 a.m. and ending pinch his capacity connected Soldier Field.

The vocalist describes nan first nighttime of performing connected nan circuit arsenic “electrifying” arsenic he looks guardant to making his show moreover amended pinch his remaining stops.

Owenn is simply a existent multi-hyphenate whose credits widen acold beyond singing and nan Eras Tour; he really started successful dance. From getting a ft successful nan industry’s doorway pinch Diddy’s “Hello Good Morning” capacity connected “American Idol” successful 2010 to dancing alongside Normani successful her opus “Motivation” (2019) to starring arsenic Swift’s person successful “Lover” (2019), Owenn now credits overmuch of his profession to his life-long emotion of euphony that stemmed from increasing up successful a euphony studio.

Owenn’s large break came successful joining Rihanna’s “Loud” circuit arsenic a teen successful 201: “It was 1 of those large opportunities… I went connected tour, and past I conscionable ne'er really stopped.”

Since his first circuit pinch Rihanna, he has besides danced and choreographed for stars specified arsenic Beyoncé (including nan “Lemonade” ocular medium movie and nan iconic 2018 Coachella “Homecoming” performance), Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Lil Nas X, Alicia Keys, Demi Lovato, Megan Thee Stallion and, of course, Swift.

Owenn’s narration pinch Swift started arsenic a dancer connected her 1989 tour.

“I really auditioned for Taylor successful 2015. I deliberation I was number for illustration 500,” he says. “I had travel from specified a different inheritance of much hip-hop… I conscionable went forward, and they trim group information aft round, and I was for illustration number 12. I was like, ‘Okay, cool.’ And past Taylor walks successful and she hand-picked us… She was very bully to each nan dancers and treated america really well. We each bonded connected that tour.”

Owenn rejoined Swift for her “Reputation” circuit successful 2018, wherever his dancing was peculiarly highlighted arsenic nan starring man successful nan opus “King of My Heart.”

In 2019, Swift’s squad reached retired to connection him nan “Lover” euphony video gig (“I conscionable look truthful different now. Like my hair’s truthful long,” he jokes). That euphony video now plays earlier Swift’s Eras Tour.

“I went to nan performance 1 of nan nights successful Jersey, and I was capable to locomotion astir and watch nan show. And it was cool because I would spot [“Lover”] connected nan screen, and I was stepping by, and cipher knew,” Owenn says. “It was cool to beryllium 1 of those group that could conscionable really watch and enjoy.”

As Owenn began to motorboat his singing career, Swift besides helped him motion his first awesome grounds woody pinch Republic Records successful 2021. “She’s ever been that driving unit and a supporter,” he says. The vocalist is now signed to AE Records, which is simply a section of Atlantis Entertainment.

In a “crazy move of events” successful November 2022, Owenn was announced arsenic portion of her exclusive database of Eras Tour openers that includes Paramore, Muna, Gracie Abrams, Phoebe Bridgers, Girl successful Red, Haim, Beabadoobee, Gayle and nan newest summation Sabrina Carpenter.