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The Last of Us - Wednesday - Daisy Jones and nan Six

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Variety Awards Circuit section is nan location for each awards news and related contented passim nan year, featuring nan following: nan charismatic predictions for nan upcoming Oscars, Emmys, Grammys and Tony Awards ceremonies, curated by Variety senior awards editor Clayton Davis. The prediction pages bespeak nan existent standings successful nan title and do not bespeak individual preferences for immoderate individual contender. As different general (and informal) polls suggest, competitions are fluid and taxable to alteration based connected buzz and events. Predictions are updated each Thursday.

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UPDATED: June 9, 2023

Weekly Commentary: The first activity of predictions for nan Creative Arts categories person been revealed, pinch little than a week near until Emmy voting opens for TV Academy members.

The remainder of nan respective categories will beryllium revealed erstwhile voting opens connected June 15. You tin spot nan latest Primetime Emmy predictions successful nan awesome categories here.

Read: Variety’s Awards Circuit for nan latest Primetime Emmy predictions successful each categories.

Emmy Nominations voting runs from June 15-26. The Primetime Emmy nominations will beryllium announced connected July 12. Check backmost each Thursday for nan latest updates. All accusation is preliminary and is taxable to change.