Elle Fanning Lost a Big Franchise Movie Over Instagram Follower Count: ‘I Don’t Feel Pressure’ to Join Marvel, ‘Star Wars’ and More | instastori.com

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Elle Fanning has immoderate acquisition starring successful a awesome workplace franchise acknowledgment to her domiciled arsenic Aurora successful Disney’s 2 “Maleficent” movies, but nan 25-year-old prima has yet to subordinate franchise behemoths for illustration “Star Wars” and Marvel. During a caller question and reply connected nan “Happy Sad Confused” podcast, Fanning was asked if location is unit connected her profession to subordinate large workplace franchises successful bid to enactment “relevant” arsenic an actor.

“I don’t consciousness that [pressure]. I don’t,” Fanning said, while besides acknowledging that joining nan likes of Marvel, Star Wars aliases DC “does something” for different actors’ careers. “But you besides don’t cognize if they’re going to activity sometimes, which is scary.”

Fanning confirmed that she has auditioned for astatine slightest 1 large franchise movie. She revealed she mislaid retired connected a domiciled because her societal media wasn’t capable adequate for nan studio.

“I did effort retired for…I’m not going to opportunity what it was, but I didn’t get a portion erstwhile for thing large because – it mightiness not person conscionable been this reason, but this was nan feedback that I heard – was because I didn’t person enough Instagram followers astatine nan time,” Fanning said. “So that was a small like…I firmly don’t judge successful not getting a portion [for that]. It was for a bigger thing, a franchise thing.”

Fanning, who presently boats 7 cardinal Instagram followers, is making nan property rounds successful support of Hulu’s “The Great” Season 3, successful which she stars other Nicholas Hoult. Her co-star has been much vocal precocious successful discussing really he’s missed retired connected franchise films specified arsenic “Top Gun: Maverick” and Matt Reeves’ “The Batman.” Hoult mislaid nan domiciled of Bruce Wayne/Batman to Robert Pattinson.

“I would ne'er opportunity nary to those things, but I would person to person a gathering and really talk to spot what it is,” Fanning added astir joining a franchise. “I didn’t person to spell done what Nick did…they made him effort nan [Batman] suit on. You request a balance. If you want to do your indie work, particularly successful producing now…[having a large franchise] does make you respire better.”

“The Great” Season 3 debuts May 12 connected Hulu. Watch Fanning’s afloat question and reply connected nan “Happy Sad Confused” podcast successful nan video below.