‘Elite’ Star Manu Ríos Talks Becoming Friends With ‘Really Funny’ Pedro Pascal While Filming ‘Strange Way of Life’ | instastori.com

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“Elite” breakout prima Manu Ríos will beryllium astatine nan Cannes Film Festival to observe nan premiere of “Strange Way of Life,” Pedro Almodóvar’s romanticist Western short headlined by Pedro Pascal and Ethan Hawke and co-starring Ríos. At nan Met Gala, Ríos shared pinch Variety that astir of his scenes are pinch some starring men. But during their clip off-camera, “I spent a batch of clip pinch Pedro. He’s nan best. It was beautiful basking because we changeable successful nan godforsaken successful nan southbound of Spain, truthful it was a batch of clip without doing thing and conscionable talking.”

He continued, “He’s a really funny guy. It was truthful overmuch fun.”

“Strange Way of Life” marks Almodóvar’s 2nd chiefly English-language project, after his short “The Human Voice” in 2020.

The Cannes screening will beryllium followed by a speech pinch Almodóvar and his filmmaking team.

Almodóvar said successful a connection announcing nan Cannes premiere that nan film’s title “alludes to nan celebrated fado by Amalia Rodrigues, whose lyrics propose that location is nary alien beingness than nan 1 that is lived by turning your backmost connected your ain desires.” 

During an quality connected Dua Lipa’s podcast successful December, Almodóvar described nan movie arsenic “queer Western, successful nan consciousness that location are 2 men and they emotion each other.”

Also connected pat for Ríos is nan upcoming Spanish-language Netflix bid “El Silencio.” He said he hasn’t spoken to Pascal astir appearing connected “The Mandalorian”… yet.

“I would do it, of course, whenever he wants,” Ríos offered.

And he would emotion to subordinate nan superhero world: “My favourite 1 I would opportunity is Spider-Man.”