Edinburgh-Winning Scottish Romance ‘The Road Dance’ Snapped Up for the U.S. by Music Box Films | instastori.com

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Music Box Films has acquired U.S. distribution authorities to Richie Adams’ “The Road Dance,” nan Scottish adjustment of John McKay’s 2002 bestselling novel.

In nan film, Kirsty MacLeod (Hermione Corfield) dreams of a amended life distant from nan isolation that suffocates her successful a mini colony connected an land successful nan Outer Scottish Hebrides. Suppressing these aspirations, she sees her person Murdo (Will Fletcher) conscripted for work successful WWI, soon to group disconnected and conflict alongside nan different young men from nan village. A roadworthy creation is held successful their grant nan evening earlier they depart, and it’s connected this fateful evening that Kirsty’s life takes a melodramatic and tragic turn.

The movie premiered astatine nan 2021 Edinburgh International Film Festival, wherever it won nan assemblage grant for champion film, followed by nan assemblage prize for champion characteristic astatine nan Manchester International Film Festival. It has since played nan Santa Barbara International Film Festival, Heartland Film Festival, and different U.S. festivals, including nan Sedona International Film Festival, wherever it won nan assemblage prime grant for champion characteristic drama.

The waste of nan movie was negotiated by Brian Andreotti of Music Box Films and Andrew Brown of Parkland Pictures connected behalf of nan filmmakers.

Andreotti said: “’The Road Dance’ is nan benignant of sweeping romance that isn’t made overmuch these days: an intimate, classical, character-driven movie wherever nan biggest typical effects are nan spectacular landscapes of Scotland, captured by Petra Korner’s exquisite cinematography. Richie Adams’s delicate guidance and his enormously talented formed are judge to impact audiences successful nan U.S.”

Adams added: “I’ve ever been a instrumentality of play films and stories of simpler times erstwhile a organization rallied astir itself conscionable to survive, arsenic successful this communicative group against war-torn Scotland successful 1916. And what intrigued maine astir about John McKay’s book was nan powerfulness of nan quality tone successful nan characteristic of Kirsty Macleod who is confronted by nan unthinkable, nan portion played brilliantly by Hermione Corfield.”

Producer Steven Shapiro said: “It’s a reliable story, handled deftly by Richie, and we were truthful fortunate to person Hermione’s captivating capacity complimented by nan activity of veterans Mark Gatiss and Morven Christie, and newcomers Will Fletcher and Ali Fumiko Whitney. We are truthful excited for U.S. audiences to spot it via Music Box.”

Andrew Brown, caput of income for Parkland Pictures, added: “Shot successful nan isolated splendour of nan Isle of Lewis successful Scotland, ‘The Road Dance’ is simply a beautifully composed movie astir nan elemental lives of mini land inhabitants and successful peculiar Kirtsy who has a concealed to hide aliases look ruin. The juxtaposition of that and nan visceral warfare scenes successful nan movie immerse nan spectator into a fractured world of stunning landscapes, visceral imagery, and provocative storytelling astir nan struggles of women backmost successful time. Richie Adams has proved himself a genuine talent pinch nan film’s awesome wins astatine various movie festivals and Parkland are thrilled to beryllium moving pinch nan awesome squad astatine Music Box.”

Music Box Films plans to merchandise nan movie later this year.