EA Responds To “Jedi Survivor” Bugs

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EA person launched “Star Wars Jedi: Survivor”, and truthful far, nan crippled reportedly has been plagued by method issues crossed each level it is on.

Whilst nan consoles it is said to beryllium minor, PC successful particular, is having a very unsmooth spell of it according to wide reports, pinch things having gotten bad capable that Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment person had to rumor a connection connected nan matter today.

Interestingly immoderate of those pinch nan astir powerful hardware are nan ones facing nan astir issues. Developers said successful nan connection that “there is nary azygous broad solution for PC performance”.

They are moving connected fixes we judge will amended capacity crossed various configurations, but each spot “requires important testing to guarantee we don’t present caller problems.” EA has not fixed a model for erstwhile nan patches will commencement rolling in.

As pinch nan caller “The Last of Us Part I” PC port, nan crippled is getting hammered connected Steam pinch complete 58% of nan reviews for nan title negative. Naughty Dog has consistently been rolling retired patches for “The Last of Us Part I,” hopefully EA will travel suit and do nan aforesaid for ‘Jedi’. Outside of nan glitches, reviews for nan crippled person different been very positive.

This continues a seemingly expanding inclination for capacity issues for PC ports of titles complete nan past six months aliases so, pinch games for illustration “Gotham Knights,” “Hogwarts Legacy,” “Wo Long” and much each suffering from issues pinch their PC ports.

A statement from nan Jedi Team connected nan PC type of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor pic.twitter.com/C3bp78VICr

— EA Star Wars (@EAStarWars) April 28, 2023

A caller commercialized for nan crippled is besides retired and has nosy pinch nan spot arsenic nan game’s starring prima Cameron Monaghan gets ‘trained’ by Mark Hamill successful a mobility seizure studio.