Dungeons & Dragons Free 24-Hour Streaming Channel Set to Launch This Summer (EXCLUSIVE) | instastori.com

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Hasbro’s Entertainment One (eOne) is rolling nan D&D dice — betting that Dungeons & Dragons fans will flock to a caller free, ad-supported streaming tv (FAST) transmission dedicated to nan imagination franchise it’s prepping for a summertime launch.

The Dungeons & Dragons Adventures FAST transmission is expected to beryllium disposable connected “a number” of platforms but eOne has not trim immoderate distribution deals arsenic yet, according to nan company.

The transmission will characteristic a slate of original celebrity-focused unscripted series, including “Encounter Party,” “Faster, Purple Worm! Kill! Kill!” and “Heroes’ Feast,” arsenic good arsenic catalog contented including nan 1980s “Dungeons & Dragons” animated series. In addition, nan FAST transmission is to characteristic third-party contented from apical net creators and influencers pinch a attraction connected unrecorded gameplay.

“This is an astonishing opportunity to create and item exciting, engaging Dungeons & Dragons content, to some service our wide assemblage of existing fans and invited a caller activity of fans to nan community,” said Dan Rawson, SVP of Dungeons & Dragons astatine Wizard of nan Coast (a subsidiary of Hasbro). “We look guardant to bringing this transmission to life and continuing to build retired nan thrilling D&D beingness pinch moreover much content, partnerships and innovative formats.”

The FAST transmission will see episodes of nan animated Dungeons & Dragons bid that primitively aired from 1983–85. With a sound formed including Frank Welker, Willie Aames, Don Most and Katie Leigh, nan show follows a group of young friends who are transported to nan world of Dungeons & Dragons and must find their measurement home, taking galore detours to thief others on nan way.

“Encounter Party,” from nan creators of nan podcast of nan aforesaid name, follows six returning master actors and improv artists from nan original podcast and welcomes caller formed personnel Khary Payton (“The Walking Dead”), arsenic they role-play an original D&D run pinch original characters group successful nan world of nan Forgotten Realms.

“Faster, Purple Worm! Kill! Kill!” is described arsenic an improv drama rotation connected classical Dungeons & Dragons gameplay. Each section features a statement of first-level characters — replete pinch backstories, accents, taxable songs and much — marching to their definite deaths arsenic they look beasts against which they guidelines perfectly nary chance. The bid features a revolving formed of typical guests and celebrities, including bid co-creator Matthew Lillard.

“Heroes’ Feast,” based connected nan recipes successful nan bestselling cookbook, is portion talk show, portion cooking competition. Each section features nan show’s 2 hosts — culinary leader Mike Haracz and first-level navigator Sujata Day — prepping dishes for a revolving brace of impermanent diners.