Donald Trump Opens CNN Town Hall by Repeating False Claim That 2020 Election Was ‘Rigged’ |

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Donald Trump opened his municipality hallway connected CNN Wednesday nighttime by reiterating his mendacious declare that nan 2020 statesmanlike predetermination was “rigged.”

The erstwhile president sat down Wednesday evening for a speech moderated by Kaitlan Collins broadcast unrecorded from New Hampshire, fielding questions from Republicans and undeclared voters successful nan state. At nan commencement of nan evening, Collins and Trump sparred complete mendacious conspiracy theories astir nan results of nan 2020 predetermination and nan grade of nan erstwhile president’s engagement pinch nan onslaught connected nan U.S. Capitol connected Jan. 6, 2021.

“When you look astatine that consequence and erstwhile you look astatine what happened during that predetermination — and unless you’re a very stupid personification you spot what happened,” Trump told nan crowd. “That was a rigged election.”

Trump’s comments were many times punctuated by Collins’ interjections, fact-checking nan erstwhile president’s claims astir nan election. Asked by an assemblage personnel if he would suspend “polarizing talk of predetermination fraud” during his campaign, Trump answered: “Yeah, unless I spot predetermination fraud.”

Later successful nan broadcast, Trump called Collins a “nasty person” erstwhile nan speech turned to nan matter of him possessing classified documents astatine his residence successful Mar-a-Lago pursuing his presidency.

“Why did you clasp onto those documents erstwhile you knew nan national authorities was seeking them and had fixed you a lawsuit to return them?” Collins asked.

“Are you ready? Can I talk? Do you mind? It’s very elemental to answer. You’re a nasty person, I’ll show you that,” Trump responded. “I was negotiating. We were talking to [the National Archives and Records Administration] to bring immoderate they want… All of a sudden, they ambush our house.”

The erstwhile president besides defended nan mob of supporters who stormed nan Capitol connected Jan. 6, seeking to support Trump successful powerfulness by interrupting a Congressional convention to count electoral assemblage votes. During nan municipality hall, Trump stated that he planned to pardon immoderate rioters who were convicted.

“They were location proud,” Trump stated. “They were location pinch emotion successful their heart. That was an unbelievable and a beautiful day.”

CNN’s determination to big a municipality hallway pinch nan erstwhile president represents a notable displacement successful its programming. During Trump’s clip successful office, CNN maintained an accent connected fact-checking his statements and criticizing his argumentation choices. Until Wednesday night, Trump had not appeared connected CNN since his 2016 campaign, many times dismissing nan web (among different outlets) arsenic “fake news” passim his presidency.

David Zaslav, nan main of CNN’s genitor institution Warner Bros. Discovery, has defended nan invitation to Trump arsenic a work for nan web to correspond “both sides” of nan U.S. partisan structure.

“I deliberation it’s important for America,” Zaslav stated connected CNBC’s “Squawk Box” past Friday. “He’s nan front-runner — he has to beryllium connected our network. We’re happy he’s coming connected there… This is simply a caller CNN.”

CNN became portion of nan merged Warner Bros. Discovery successful April 2022, aft Discovery’s acquisition of WarnerMedia closed. Two months anterior to nan deal, Jeff Zucker, president of WarnerMedia News and Sports and president of CNN Worldwide, exited nan institution aft disclosing a consensual narration pinch different employee.