‘Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!’ Author Teams Up With Stampede and RedBird to Launch Entertainment Company | instastori.com

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Children’s book writer Mo Willems, who is known for his stories for illustration “Don’t Let nan Pigeon Drive nan Bus!” and “Don’t Let nan Pigeon Stay Up Late!” has collaborated pinch Stampede Ventures and RedBird Capital Partners to motorboat Hidden Pigeon Company. The intermezo institution will bring Willem’s storytelling to children and families done tv programming, gaming, location-based experiences and different platforms.

“The Hidden Pigeon Company takes its sanction from really kids and erstwhile kids delight successful uncovering The Pigeon hidden successful each 1 of my books,” said Willems. “It is my dream to create a akin spot of astonishment and delight successful nan cloth of everything we make aliases do. I americium thrilled to person recovered awesome collaborative partners to make that dream a reality.”

Willems antecedently teamed up pinch Stampede to nutrient HBO Max specials “Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed: The Underground Rock Experience” and nan Emmy-nominated “Storytime All Stars Presents: Don’t Let nan Pigeon Do Storytime.”

Chris Bosco, president of Stampede Ventures, said of nan partnership, “The motorboat of Hidden Pigeon Company pinch RedBird is our opportunity to bring nan afloat scope of Mo’s imaginative brilliant into 1 entity crafted to grow nan effect of his work. RedBird’s extended acquisition will beryllium captious successful HPC’s semipermanent success, and we are thrilled to person their support and partnership.”

Kathy Franklin will lead HPC arsenic their CEO, making nan modulation from Lightstorm Entertainment wherever she was president of franchise improvement for complete 10 years. In addition, HP will beryllium lodging caller publishing imprint Specific House, which precocious collaborated pinch Union Square & Co to motorboat Willem’s big type of his pigeon stories, “Be nan Bus – The Lost & Profound Wisdom of The Pigeon.”