Dolph Lundgren Reveals Eight-Year Cancer Battle, Doctors Told Him He Had Two or Three Years Left to Live Ahead of Filming ‘Aquaman 2’ |

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Dolph Lundgren revealed for nan first clip during an question and reply connected “In Depth With Graham Bensinger” that he’s been privately battling crab connected and disconnected for nan past 8 years. Doctors first discovered and removed a cancerous tumor connected nan actor’s kidney successful 2015.

“Then I did scans each six months, past you do it each twelvemonth and it was fine, you know, for 5 years,” Lundgren said. “In 2020, I was backmost successful Sweden and had immoderate benignant of acerb reflux or… I didn’t cognize what it was. So I did an MRI and they recovered location were a fewer much tumors astir nan area.”

Lundgren said six much tumors were discovered astatine nan time, 1 of which had grown excessively ample to region truthful he had to commencement systemic therapy. More tumors were discovered successful nan autumn of 2021, erstwhile Lundgren arrived successful London to movie movie sequels to his “Aquaman” and “The Expendables” franchises.

“We realized it was a batch worse than we thought,” Lundgren said. “[The doctor] benignant of started talking astir each these different tumors, like, successful nan lung and nan tummy and nan spine, extracurricular nan kidneys. He started saying these things like, ‘You should astir apt return take a break and walk much clip pinch your family,’ and truthful forth. I asked him, ‘How agelong do you deliberation I’ve sewage left?’ I deliberation he said 2 aliases 3 years, but I could show successful his sound that he astir apt thought it was less.”

Lundgren yet sewage a 2nd sentiment from a expert successful London who discovered that his kidney crab was mutating much for illustration lung cancer. The expert overhauled nan actor’s curen to attack it arsenic if his crab was lung cancer.

“If I had gone connected nan different treatment, I’d person had astir 3 to 4 months left,” Lundgren said, adding that nan caller curen started shrinking his tumors by astir 20% and 30% wrong a three-month period.

“2022 was fundamentally watching these medications do their thing,” Lundgren continued. “Finally things had shrunk to astir 90%. Now I’m successful nan process of taking retired nan remaining scar insubstantial successful those tumors… The prognosis is that, hopefully, erstwhile they return these out, there’s nary crab activity and nan medicine that I’m taking is gonna suppress everything else.”

Lundgren is reprising his DC domiciled of King Nereus successful Warner Bros.’ “Aquaman and nan Lost Kingdom,” opening successful theaters Dec. 20. He’s besides reprising nan characteristic of Gunner Jensen for a 4th clip successful “The Expendables 4,” opening Sept. 22 from Lionsgate.