Dolph Lundgren Nearly Punched Sylvester Stallone on ‘Expendables’ Set Over Tense Direction: ‘I’m Gonna Knock Him Out and F— This Movie’ |

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Dolph Lundgren revealed on “In Depth With Graham Bensinger” that he astir punched Sylvester Stallone during nan making of their 2010 ensemble action movie “The Expendables.” Stallone helmed nan movie himself, marking nan 2nd clip he directed Lundgren successful a movie aft 1985’s “Rocky IV.”

“We had immoderate bully times and bad times, kinda for illustration family to immoderate degree,” Lundgren said astir his long-standing moving narration pinch Stallone. “He was very harsh connected maine successful a segment successful ‘The Expendables’ wherever he kinda yelled astatine maine successful beforehand of nan full unit and had maine do astir 20 takes connected a scene. It was like, ‘My grandma could do it amended than that. What nan fuck, what are you doing?’ You know, fundamentally successful beforehand of everybody. And location was property location that time too, world press.

“We took a luncheon break and I retrieve I was benignant of successful tears. I was really upset. I called my woman that clip and I fundamentally conscionable told her, ‘If he says 1 much word, I’m gonna sound him retired and fuck this movie, I’m outta here. I’m conscionable gonna punch him retired and fucking leave.’ And I deliberation erstwhile I walked connected nan set, group felt it wasn’t specified a bully vibration. And past I had a pat connected nan backmost and it was Sly. And he was like, ‘Uh, I’m sorry astir that. Let’s conscionable do different return and let’s conscionable support moving on.’ And we’ve had a fewer run-ins complete nan years, but what tin I say, he’s a crazy Italian. I deliberation he knows that I’ve ever respected him and loved him, and I deliberation that’s why we’re still friends.”

Lundgren and Stallone stay close, pinch Lundgren moreover appearing successful Stallone’s caller Paramount+ reality bid “The Family Stallone.” Both actors reprised their “Rocky” roles successful 2018’s “Creed II.” MGM announced past twelvemonth it was processing a caller “Rocky” spinoff movie centered connected nan Drago family. Lundgren starred arsenic Rocky’s Russian rival Ivan Drago successful “Rocky IV,” while Florian Munteanu debuted arsenic Ivan’s boy successful “Creed II.” Robert Lawton was hired to pen nan script. Stallone spoke retired publically against nan spinoff and said he was ne'er told astir its development.

“By nan way, I person thing but respect for Dolph but I wish HE had told maine what was going connected down my back,” Stallone said astatine nan time, hinting astatine hostility betwixt nan actors. “Keep your REAL friends close.”

Lundgren past sewage progressive by telling “Rocky” fans to relax. “Just to group nan grounds consecutive regarding a imaginable ‘Drago’ spinoff. There’s nary approved script, nary deals successful place, nary head and I was personally nether nan belief that my friend Sly Stallone was progressive arsenic a shaper aliases moreover arsenic an actor,” Lundgren wrote. “There was a property leak past week which was unfortunate. In touch pinch Mr. Balboa – conscionable truthful each nan fans tin relax…There ya go.”

Stallone and Lundgren person since squashed their beef. The actors went connected to header 2 “Expendables” sequels together, 2012’s “The Expendables 2” and 2014’s “The Expendables 3,” and they’ve sewage “The Expendables 4” opening successful theaters Sept. 22 from Lionsgate.