‘Does Your Condom Make You Fat?’ Casts ‘Fleabag’ Star Angus Imrie, Juliet Cowan (EXCLUSIVE) | instastori.com

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“Fleabag” prima Angus Imrie and “Am I Being Unreasonable?” character Juliet Cowan person joined nan formed of nan provocatively-titled short movie “Does Your Condom Make You Fat?”

Described arsenic an “awkward” comedy-drama, nan movie explores a world successful which men tin go pregnant. The book is from Danielle Papamichael.

Imrie plays Owen, a happy-go-lucky lad, whose reliance connected nan Zap App for effective contraception is disrupted erstwhile his telephone artillery dies. This realization triggers his fears of an unwanted pregnancy, amplified by his date’s early unannounced departure. Throughout nan film, Owen grapples pinch a rollercoaster of emotions arsenic he confronts nan unintended consequences of his actions.

Imrie’s different credits see “The Crown,” successful which he played a young Prince Edward, arsenic good arsenic “Star Trek: Prodigy” and “The Archers.” Meanwhile, Cowan precocious starred successful “The Power,” “Flatshare” and “Everything I Know About Love.”

Other formed members see BAFTA-nominated Asim Choudry (“People Just Do Nothing”), Elander Moore (“Kaos”) and Áine Rose Daly (“Boiling Point”).

Sophie King (“Buffering”) is connected committee arsenic head and Siona Davis (F5 Films) and Mustapha Wehbi (Dolphragon) are producers. Cat White is an subordinate producer.

“Does Your Condom Make You Fat?” was awarded sponsorship by Girls successful Film x Panavision arsenic portion of their inaugural PanaGif prize and is simply a co-production betwixt F5 Films and Dolphragon successful relation pinch Kusini Productions.

The pic was precocious shortlisted for nan First Flights x HollyShorts Short Film Fund for completion. The task has support from CHEAT, CODA and Performance Insurance Media.