Disney+ to Add Hulu Content in ‘One-App Experience’ Later in 2023 | instastori.com

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Disney is pulling Hulu tighter into nan Mouse House fold.

On Disney’s net call Wednesday, CEO Bob Iger said nan institution will soon motorboat a “one-app experience” successful nan U.S. that incorporates Hulu contented into Disney+. The caller mixed offering will motorboat by nan extremity of 2023.

“While we proceed to connection Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+ arsenic standalone options, this is simply a logical progression of our [direct-to-consumer] offerings that will supply greater opportunities for advertisers while giving bundle subscribers entree to much robust and streamlined content, resulting successful greater assemblage engagement and yet starring to a much unified streaming experience,” Iger said.

The announcement is simply a motion that Disney intends to clasp its ownership of Hulu.

Starting successful January 2024, Disney tin require Comcast to waste its 33% liking successful Hulu (and Comcast tin unit nan sale). Iger has said Disney is evaluating each options. The streaming scenery “is very, very tricky correct now and earlier we make immoderate large decisions astir our level of investment, our committedness to that business, we want to understand wherever it could go,” Iger said astatine an investor convention past month.

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