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As reported earlier today, Disney will soon beryllium removing contented from its streaming work successful an effort to trim costs and rethink its strategy.

Now immoderate further specifications person emerged. The Mouse House is reportedly looking astatine a contented impairment complaint of $1.5 cardinal to $1.8 billion.

That’s efficaciously half arsenic overmuch arsenic nan $2.8 cardinal to $3.5 cardinal successful cuts that Warner Bros. Discovery racked up successful contented impairment charges and improvement write-offs astatine HBO Max successful precocious 2022/early 2023.

In its post-earnings telephone today, CFO Christine McCarthy says:

“We are successful nan process of reviewing nan contented connected our DTC services to align pinch nan strategical changes successful our attack to contented curation.

As a result, we will beryllium removing definite contented from our streaming platforms and presently expect to return an impairment complaint of astir $1.5 to $1.8 billion.

The charge, which will not beryllium recorded successful our conception results, will chiefly beryllium recognized successful nan 3rd 4th arsenic we complete our reappraisal and region nan content.”

McCarthy didn’t specify immoderate programming that would beryllium cut, though nan news has stirred evident interest astir a repetition of what happened astatine HBO Max pinch nan slash and pain of contented astatine that streamer.

McCarthy says: “Going forward, we intend to nutrient little volumes of contented successful alignment pinch this strategical shift”, which suggests less original bid are going to beryllium made. CEO Bob Iger says nan scheme is for Disney to get “much much surgical astir what we make”.

Specifically nan institution is intent connected producing and trading contented that will really move nan needle successful position of subscribers. Iger says:

“When you make a batch of content, everything needs to beryllium marketed. You’re spending a batch of money trading things that are not going to person an effect connected nan bottommost line, isolated from negatively owed to nan trading costs.”

The news follows successful nan aftermath of nan work precocious cancelling its “Willow” and “National Treasure” bid some aft a azygous play each.

Disney is presently laying disconnected 7,000 staffers and is connected way to meet aliases transcend planned costs savings of $5.5 billion.

Source: Deadline