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Big changes are afoot for nan Golden Globe Awards now that Dick Clark Productions and Todd Boehly’s Eldridge person acquired nan assets of nan nonprofit Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which will shutter arsenic nan awards franchise moves into a caller era.

The caller owners will usage nan assets and nan rate connected manus from nan HFPA to found nan Golden Globe Foundation, which will proceed connected nan HFPA’s contented of charitable giving. The awards show itself and related assets will now beryllium portion of nan for-profit operations of Dick Clark Productions, which has agelong been allied pinch nan HFPA for nan awards show. The move retired of nan HFPA’s nonprofit position will let nan Globes to prosecute galore much commercialized opportunities than were imaginable nether nan HFPA regime.

HFPA’s existent president, Helene Hoehne, said nan woody had been approved by nan association’s astir 90 full-time members.

“We are excited to adjacent connected this overmuch anticipated member-approved transaction and modulation from a member-led statement to a commercialized enterprise,” said Hoehne.

Boehly, who acquired Dick Clark Productions much than a decade ago, called nan transaction “a important milestone” successful nan 80-year history of nan Globes.

“My partners astatine DCP and I are grateful to Helen and squad for their committedness to nan successful implementation of a robust attack to governance, nan description of nan divers and world voting body, implementing a professional, safe, and accountable environment, and trusting caller ownership pinch a caller guidance for nan Globes,” said Boehly, who is president of Eldridge.

“As stewards of nan Golden Globe Awards, our ngo is to proceed creating nan astir move awards ceremonial connected unrecorded tv viewed crossed nan world,” said Jay Penske, CEO, Chairman and Founder, Penske Media, and CEO of Dick Clark Productions. “We person a awesome squad successful spot to turn this iconic marque and captivate caller and existing audiences to observe nan very champion successful tv and mobility pictures.”

Variety genitor institution PMC is nan proprietor of Dick Clark Productions.

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